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Be a Flower Santa


Come on! Cheer up! It’s Christmas and new year week! What do we think when we talk about Christmas? Santa, right! Of course, Christmas week without Santa is unbelievable and wouldn’t it be even more unbelievable if we say, you can be a Santa too… Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how, since it’s Christmas, so definitely there would be flowerscakes, and lovely gifts and you’ll find it all at one place, Yes! It’s How amazing would that be? Your friends, family, relatives, colleagues or anybody you love receive giftsflowers and cakes just like Santa send; their new year eve would become merrier than before.

After all, festivals give us reasons to have fun, to express our love, to celebrate, to strengthen our bonds of friendship, love or what not.   Your kids or your partner will obviously demand gifts, why not surprise them and gift them chocolates and flowers from and become the Santa of their lives. Send your parents or your grandparents the cutest gifts ever and make them feel elated and special.  New year vibes are getting all around us and you cannot stay away from it.  Flowers can make anyone’s day amazing, and when you send someone flowers it would not only make their day amazing but also make them so happy because it will remind them of you every time they take a look at your gifts or flowers.   Ever thought, how will your daughter feel who’s about to get married, gets Christmas wishes on an amazing card and some mesmerizing flowers? Obviously, she will not only get emotional but will be so glad knowing that her father or mother will love her forever.  Your boss, if gets some flower that he likes, it would just put a good impression on him and not just that, it will show that you are really interested in enhancing professional ties.

When we think of a Santa, we imagine a big old man whose the cutest with a big fat belly carrying a bag of the best gifts anyone can get! But you can also be a Santa, not necessarily in that red outfit, but your gifts or flowers that will reach will make you one too! There are a million ways to gift someone who could make them happy but what a flower does is nearly impossible to replicate.


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Let us all celebrate, Milad-un-nabi


Well, well.. Time for another festival before 2016 ends we have another reason to celebrate. Milad-un-Nabi is a festival which celebrates the birth of Prophet Muhammad. The celebration is of Exchanging gifts and donating some sweets etc as a token of love to poor. gets you best of offers and exciting ways you can deliver and send lovely gifts, combos for people you love.

This festival highly depicts brotherhood and happiness; it is not only celebrated in India but also in many other Muslim nations. helps you in reaching over 108 cities to send beautiful flowers, gifts, cakes and make your loved ones may be sitting far away feel special. With the change in dates of Milad-un-nabi people are very excited for this festival to arrive and fill people with joy and happiness.

Bookaflower takes an initiative and also addresses that we shall celebrate all the festivals equally, though December solely reminds Christmas or Newyear, we wish to convey that we can celebrate all the festivals equally and let the spectrum of happiness and brotherhood unite us. Bookaflower, provides you with the one-day delivery option at where ever you wish to. So send happiness, spread love and make peace.


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Ways to wish newlywed couple a happily ever after!


Want to wish the newlywed couple on their new beginning?   Go to and gift exciting and the most beautiful gifts ever!

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the best ways to gift your loved ones and it becomes even more remarkable and special when it’s about someone’s wedding. So why not book a flower, send cards or cakes?

When a couple decides to spend their entire lives together forever you should gift them and make their wedding for them as well as for you worth remembering. How?

Show your love and book a flower!

After all, those getting married are special for you, so flowers are probably one of the best ways to tell them they are really very important for you and you are there with them in their most important times.

  • Put a smile on their face on their wedding ceremony because your gifts really matter to them.
  • If they are miles away, but you want to present them flowers, go online, just a click and your gift will be at their doorstep. makes it easy for you to send flowers in over 100 cities.
  • Not just in India, your love in the form of flowers and other gifts can be sent in over 180 countries.
  • Convey your special message with the flowers.

Their Perfect wedding and your Perfect gifts!

There are many other things that could be presented like cakes, cards, and other stuff. Like you want to gift them a cake, then you’re just a click away from giving them most delicious and yummy gift at and also customize your love, actually the cakes. Cards can become the most personal presence and you too can send your feelings in a beautiful card and makes it easy for you.





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Send Flowers, Gifts & Cakes to Anywhere Easily Via Online


People generally love to send gifts, flowers and cakes to their loved ones in various occasions. It is a custom among people to exchange gifts to commemorate special events, celebrations and birthdays. Nothing can be more pleasing than selecting and sending the right gift for your beloveds. Whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage day or any other special occasions, sending gifts can strengthens the bond between you and the recipient. Obviously, sending gifts is something like showing your respect, care and love towards them. Hence, the gift you choose and the means you send to others are very significant. Online gift delivery services offer prompt home delivery service and make whole process of sending gifts simple.

Online Delivery Services to Help You

In the modern era, there are plenty of ways available to send gifts to your loved ones. People traditionally give gifts to their near and dear ones by means of postal services or directly. However, the changes and evolution in the field of technology have allowed people to send gifts in a most suitable way. The advent of internet has helped people in a lot of ways including sending gifts. It is so easy, comfortable and affordable to send gifts via online. Today, there are several online delivery services operating online to aid people to send valuable gifts including flowers and cakes to their darlings. Flowers, Gifts & Cakes Online Delivery services can do it for you.

Online Delivery Services to Please Your Special Person

When you send flowers, cakes and other precious gifts to someone you care about, there is an important message you desire to convey. It can be a very personal message, such as sending flowers to your lover, cakes to your daughter or son, and parents on their birthday. Sometimes, it can be a professional message, such as sending special gifts to your clients or boss you wish to impress. Whatever be the message you want to convey, online delivery services are the best option to ask for assistance. Undeniably, flowers, Gifts & Cakes Online Delivery services are well set to aid you to send your gifts and utilize their various services in order to please your special person.

Online Delivery: Convenient and Simple

In this technology driven world, gifting has turned out to be more convenient and simple. You can buy gifts at lower prices online and a great time saving technique of proper gift selection. There are scores of websites accessible online which offer gifting choices through online. Online websites present a broad choice of gifts which can be selected as per the occasion. Flowers, teddy bear and cakes are chief and much sought after gifting options. So, send flowers, teddy bear and cakes via online delivery services. Let it be any occasion, the key is choosing the right gift and your recipient collects your gift when you want them to. Flowers, gifts & cakes online delivery services make it to happen for you.