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flowers for different occasions

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Different flowers for different occasions

You would be wondering whether it is true that different flowers are used for different occasions. It is true. Not only that each flower expresses a different feeling.

flowers for different occasions

We prefer to gift flowers in a bevy of festivals and occasions. So after you read this you will be clearer about the flowers you should select for each occasion. So let us see the flower types used on important occasions.



Well birthday flower should be selected according to the person. For example, if you are planning to gift a bouquet of flowers to your girlfriend the best choice will be roses (red, pink, or rose). An arrangement of red roses in the heart shape would be perfect for her.



Well, in this case, the flowers used should be seasonal flowers. If you ask me, use light colored flowers in spring and in the winter season try bright colored flowers. If the wedding date is fixed at the beginning of the summer season you can get a basket full of yellow, white, and pink roses  or carnations. In case if the marriage is after August you can get a bunch of red roses (or carnations) with a wine bottle as the gift.



Christmas season falls in December and the flowers representing Christmas are Poinsettia and Christmas cactus. But you may even gift a bunch of pink lilies or carnations for Christmas if you cannot get the traditional ones. Since red and green are the prominent colors in Christmas season you can even gift a small Christmas tree and a Santa toy along with the flowers and the cake.

The birthday gifts or Christmas gifts need not be limited to the flowers. You can get flowers and cakes from the e-commerce sites.