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Onam – the festival of flowers

Onam is a festival that is celebrated by everyone in Kerala and represents the summer harvest. People of Kerala consider this as a cultural festival than a Hindu festival.  Among all the activities Pookkalam or the flower arrangement in front of the houses marks the starting of Onam.

festival of flowers

This will give you an idea of how much importance is there for flowers in Onam celebrations. Every day of 10-day celebration children arrange flowers in front of their houses to welcome their beloved king. Enough about the festival let us look into some of the gifts that can be given to your loved ones.

People mainly use flowers from local flora to decorate the front yard of their houses. You can get a bunch of colorful seasonal flowers as a gift.

bunch of colorful seasonal flowers

If you are planning to get a bouquet delivered to your girlfriend’s or wife’s doorstep you can order a vase full of bright red roses. This option is really helpful if you are not staying in Kerala.

Onam gifts

But if you want to send Onam gifts to your boyfriends or husband who is staying in Kerala, order a basket of different wines so that he can enjoy with his friends.

As mentioned above, Onam is the celebration of the summer harvest. So just like the flowers, you can gift a basket full of fruits to wishing prosperity in the coming days of the year.

gift a basket full of fruits

In the last three days of the celebration, people use only white colored flowers (Leuca Indica) to decorate. So a basket of white and pink carnations can be one of the best Onam gifts you can give to your family members.

pink carnations

Giving flowers and homemade sweets to your friends, neighbors, and family members is a tradition of Onam celebrations. This is celebrated worldwide by Keralites.