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send flowers to Chennai

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Send flowers to Chennai – the gateway on the Bay of Bengal

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. The city is known for its industrial and cultural specialties. Since it is situated in the Bay of Bengal, it was gone through great developments. It is a possibility that you have someone in Chennai who is living there due to personal reasons.

send flowers to Chennai

You may want to wish your loved one on his/her birthday or anniversary. Here are some of the bouquets you can send if you want to send flowers to Chennai.

Tender Joy:

Send flowers to Chennai

The first one is a gift combo that can be given for birthday. The combo consists of a pineapple cake and a bunch of carnations. The carnation flowers are of mixed colors. This is the best combo that can be gifted on your loved one’s birthday.

Infinite emotion:

flower arrangement

Secondly, I have added a gift combo that can be sent to your spouse on your wedding anniversary or any festival.The flower arrangement in this combo is a tall one. There are totally 100 roses (red and yellow). There is a Blackforest cake included in this combo.

Charming Love:

bunch of red roses

Since you have decided to send flowers to Chennai you can select the complete gift hamper for a celebration. This gift hamper comes with a bottle of grapes juice, a truffle cake, and a bunch of red roses.

Special something and a gift voucher:


purple orchids and a cake

In this gift combo you can send a 500 rupees gift voucher from Café Coffee Day so that your loved one can celebrate his/her day. The other items in this gift combo are a bunch of purple orchids and a cake.

To the special one:

bouquet and the cake

This is somewhat similar to the above mentioned combo. This combo contains just a bouquet and the cake.


gift basket

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Gifts for your family members on the family day

Family day is celebrated on 19th February every year and it is the time for family members. In countries like Canada, this is a public holiday. This day is used by families to enjoy group activities like camping and outing.

gift basket

But if you are deciding to spend the time at home with your family you can order gifts online from the websites like

Eternal promise:

flower bouquet

The first one on the list is the flower bouquet for your father. A bunch of 12 mix colored lilies is one of the best gifts you can give him. There are yellow, pink, and orange Asiatic lilies in this bunch. This will make your father happy and will give him a secure feeling.

Gift for the guardian angel:

bouquet of white lilies

: Next gift is a one-sided bouquet of white lilies and is ideal for your mother. Lilies are always used to denote purity and integrity. This bouquet is made of 6 white lily stems wrapped in a white gift paper.

For your spouse:

pink and white roses

After marriage, your spouse is the one who supports you and guides you in life. She or he deserves the best romantic flower bouquet you can get in the market. Even though red roses are used commonly by couples, a bunch of 50 pink and white roses is a unique gift.

For your children:

pink carnations

The last gift is the one for your children. The flowers and the colors differ for boys and girls. If you have a princess at home order her a bunch of pink carnations on this year’s family day. For your prince, you can order a bunch of carnations and lilies.The carnations in this bouquet are pink in color and the florist has used 2 pale pink lilies with lots of green fillers.

gift basket

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Gift baskets for family get together on family day

Family day is dedicated specially for family and their togetherness. Even though the dates differ this day is celebrated mostly in February. Most commonly used date is 19th February. This day is not observed in some of the countries but it is getting accepted by many countries now.

gift basket

This is the day families can involve in activities that can be done as a family. If you are planning for a get together the below mentioned gift baskets can help you in terms of cooking and snacks.

Chocolate basket:

gift basket

Chocolates or cookies are the favorite snacks for the get-together parties. So the first gift basket on this list is a cane basket full of chocolates. This has some of the famous brands including Ladybugs.

French gourmet basket:

French red wine

This is not a snacks basket. This is a gift hamper that has the basic items needed for a sausage.The hamper has a bottle of French white wine and a bottle of French red wine that can be used for cooking. Babybel Cheese can add some delicious flavors to the Aoste Salami in the hamper.

Cheese, crackers, and fruits:

Cheese, crackers, and fruits

In my opinion, this is the complete package for the family day. The items will be delivered in a cane basket.Here the crackers can be served as the snacks and the cheese can be used for cooking. Mixed fruits are also included for the family that likes juices.

Cocoa basket:

Cocoa basket

The last one on this list is a basket full of cookies and crackers. This is the best choice you have if you are planning a trip to the near park or beach. Everyone in the family can have the happiness of sharing and tasting. With this hamper, you even get a box of Danish butter cookies.


Happy Valentines Day

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A guide for last minute Valentine’s Day shopping

We all live in a busy schedule. There is only one day left for Valentine’s Day and if you have not decided on the gift for your lover or life partner this post can help you.

Happy Valentines Day

Here I have listed some of the simple flower bouquets that can be gifted to the love of your life on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Heaven on earth:

flower bouquets

The first one is a combination of dry sticks and fresh flowers. In this basket arrangement there are 12 heart shaped dry sticks and 10 fresh red roses. All these are arranged in a cane basket and is decorated with golden ribbon. Be assured that your lover will love this gift and will be keeping the basket and the dry sticks for a long time.

Happy hearts:

red roses

Red roses are welcomed by all lovers because they are used to denote passionate love. So receiving a bunch of 75 red roses is the best gift your lover can get on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Tender regards:

yellow roses

Just like red roses, yellow roses are also used to denote cheerfulness and happiness. There are 25 yellow roses in this bouquet that is wrapped in a yellow paper. You will also get a greeting card with this gift combo.

Ravishing romance:


This gift is a luxurious gift for your lover. The gift is a combination of 2 heart-shaped arrangement of roses.One arrangement is made of 100 red roses and the second heart-shaped arrangement is made of 150 white roses.

Dreamy love:

pink oriental lilies

Lilies symbolize humility and devotion. These two virtues are essential for a relationship to stay forever. Hence I have added a vase arrangement of pink oriental lilies and a heart-shaped love cushion.The cushion is in red color.

MahaSivaratri gifts

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Send MahaSivaratri gifts to your loved ones in Hyderabad

MahaSivaratri is the day dedicated for the honor of God Siva. This is celebrated on 13th February in Telangana, a southern state of India.

MahaSivaratri gifts

If you have your loved ones staying in Hyderabad you can send Sivaratri gifts from websites like Here are some of the gift combos you can consider while selecting the gift.

A pink magic:

roses and sweets

Since pink is considered as the color used for gentleness let us consider this as the first option while going for shopping on this MahaSivaratri. This is a gift combo of glass vase arrangement of pink roses and sweets.There will be 12 pink roses in the glass vase and as for sweets, your loved ones will receive Kaju Katli.

A special surprise:

flower bouquet

Next one is a combo of flowers and dry fruits. In this, the flower bouquet is made of 12 red roses and a basket of mixed dry fruits is included. Since this is the day of festival dry fruits are necessary to make sweets and dishes.

Sweet and Serene:

Blackforest cake and Kaju Katli

Sweets are inevitable for festivals. So send this combo of Blackforest cake and Kaju Katli to your loved ones so that they can celebrate the MahaSivaratri in a grand way.

Inner radiance for MahaSivaratri:

flower bouquet

Carnations and lilies are used to symbolize integrity and gentle care towards your loved ones. So I have added a gift combo of flower bouquet and a box of Soan Papdi. The flower bouquet has 10 yellow carnations and 2 orange lilies wrapped in white gift paper.

Sweet basket for the celebrations:

sweets and chocolates

The last gift on this list of MahaSivaratri gifts is a basket full of sweets and chocolates.The basket mainly consists of chocolates and candies that can be served in the family get together.


Happy Valentines Day

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How to decorate your dinner table on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers and on that day we love to enjoy candlelight dinner with the love of our life. Most of the restaurants will be full with reservations on February 14th.

Happy Valentines Day

So this year arrange the dinner at your home. Decoration cannot be avoided even for the simple dinner arranged in your house. Let us discuss the flower vase that should be kept at the center of the table.

Pretty passion:

pink roses

Pink is a color that symbolizes gentle care and love. A bunch of 12 pink roses arranged in a cylindrical glass vase can express this feeling. Keep this elegant flower vase and be assured that your lover will be delighted.

Bright fervor:

bright carnations

A round glass vase in the center of the dinner table gives a classy look to the table. Order for a bunch of bright carnations for the vase. The given link will take you to a product that has both round glass vase and mixed color carnations.

In love we trust:

red roses

Next flower arrangement is done in a rectangular glass vase that is covered with jute. You will get red roses and dry red fillers with this. Red roses are used to denote passionate and romantic love. This is the best flower vase you can order to decorate the candlelight dinner table.

Sweet feelings:

flower vase

In this flower vase the florist has used white Asiatic lilies and 24 red roses to bring out the romantic feeling of the evening. The glass vase is a cylindrical one and there are some seasonal fillers with the flowers.

Dual delight:

shade pink and red carnations

The last one is unique in the color of the flowers used. A tall cylindrical glass vase is used to arrange dual shade pink and red carnations.


Happy Valentines Day

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Colors of roses and their meaning on Valentine’s Day

The florists make the highest profit on Valentine’s Day and this is mostly from the roses. Millions of roses are sold on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day

But not everyone is aware of the fact that the different colors of roses convey different messages.

Red roses:

bunch of red roses

For years we have been using a bunch of red roses to confess your love on Valentine’s Day. Red is the color of passionate and romantic love.

Pink roses:

light pink roses

There are two shades for pink color – pale and bright. Pale pink roses are used to say – “I appreciate you”. Take a bunch of light pink roses when you meet your lover on Valentine’s Day. The bright pink roses are used to convey “I am grateful you are in my life”.

Yellow roses:

yellow roses

For all of us our lover is our best friend. If you are dating for some years now you would understand that gifting a bunch of yellow roses is the best way to tell your lover that “you are a great friend”.

Orange roses:

orange roses

Valentine’s Day is the time of confessions and dates. If you have just proposed to your lover you can get a bunch of orange roses when you go to Valentine’s Day date. Orange roses are used to tell your crush “I am falling in love with you”.

Blue roses:

blue roses

This color is not easily available because it cannot be grown naturally. So a bunch of blue roses are used to tell your lover – “You are special and unique”.

White roses:

The last one on this list is the white rose. White roses are used to convey the message – “You are the one for me” – on Valentine’s Day. Since white is the color of purity this also denotes the pure and everlasting love.