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You princess deserve the best gift on her day

Daughters are always considered as a blessing to the family. They fill colors in their parent’s life and the warmth that they may not receive from their sons. Usually, daughters are precious especially to fathers and they do have a special place in their father’s heart.

best gift

They deserve a special day dedicated to them and the whole family can celebrate it with their daughters.

For the daughter who can do wonders:

For the daughter who can do wonders

Even though daughter’s day is celebrated on different dates in different countries, commonly the fourth Sunday of September is considered as the daughter’s day. This year the daughter’s day will be celebrated on 24th September. So the first gift on the list of daughter’s day gifts is a basket full of white lilies and carnations.

Care and caress:

Care and caress

Roses always represent love and yellow roses indicate the caring love the parents have for their daughters. So a bunch of yellow roses along with teddy bear and a box of chocolate can be the best gift for this daughter’s day.

Charming flower basket for the charming princess:

Charming flower basket for the charming princess

Yes a daughter is always a princess for her father and mother. There is no other day suitable as daughter’s day to let your daughter know that she is the charming princess in your life. For that, you can gift a basket filled with red carnations and white orchids.

A flower arrangement for her:

A flower arrangement for her

We all know that parents love their children very much and their love is pure and unconditional. So, to express the complete love you have towards your baby girl, you can get an arrangement of Anthuriums, orchids, and lilies as one of her daughter’s day gifts. With these gifts take her out to her favorite location for a small picnic.

gifting cakes

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What is the meaning of gifting cakes?

Different forms of cakes have been present in the history of sweets for a long time. Even ancient Greek and Roman people used to bake cakes as a dessert for parties and festivals. Later the cake cutting ceremony became common in parties, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

gifting cakes

The experiments on the cakes have developed so much now and we even get ice cream cakes these days. Gifting a cake for any occasion is the best way to tell your loved ones that you care about them.

We all know that cakes are considered as desserts as well as the confectionery that marks the starting of a celebration. The cake cutting ceremony has become an integral part of any celebrations.

two-tier vanilla or chocolate cake

If it is a wedding reception or anniversary celebration you can gift the couple with a two-tier vanilla or chocolate cake. In case if you just want to spend some time with your friends you can get a truffle cake ordered at your doorstep. Get the secret party started with the cake cutting ceremony with your friends.

truffle cake

A brilliant Blackforest cake as a gift will be a great way to express your feelings. Cakes always bring back the sweet memories. The mouthwatering frosting and decorations will always compliment your taste buds. Whoever receives cake as a gift will be very happy.

brilliant Blackforest cake

Mainly made out of sugar and butter, butterscotch is a flavor that adds a heavenly taste to the desserts. You would have seen cakes, ice creams, and candies that are made of butterscotch.

crunchy butterscotch cake

So, a crunchy butterscotch cake can be considered as the best yet simple gift for someone who is celebrating their birthday. From online gift websites like, you can order for these cakes and get it delivered to their doorstep.

romance with guitar chords

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Spice up the romance with guitar chords

Gifting flowers and other expensive gifts to your lover or spouse has become a common practice. There is nothing special about that if you keep on imitating others in romance.

romance with guitar chords

Romance is a feeling that needs to be fresh and innovative ways to celebrate your relationship should be adopted. Here, I am giving some of the combo gifts that can be given to the love of your life.

Confess your love with a song:

bunch of mix colored roses and a romantic song

Well, sometimes we are unable to express the depth of our feelings towards the person. So send a bunch of mix colored roses and a romantic song to say it all. The guitarist will play the song at the time of delivery.

2. Spice up the romance with chocolate:

combo of chocolate cake and red roses

This gift is suitable if you are planning to spend time together. Get a combo of chocolate cake and red roses delivered at your lover’s doorstep. The combo also has the option to send a song along. A guitarist will be delivering the gifts and will be playing a song for your lover.

A romantic song with orchids:

A romantic song with orchids

This is one of the best gifts that can be given to your crush if you have just started dating. Sending a bunch of orchids that represent freshness and a song played by the guitarist clearly expresses how unique and special the person is for you.

A birthday gift for her:

A birthday gift for her

The last one on this list is a gift that can be delivered at midnight. We all know that we used to wish our friends at midnight on their birthdays. Just like that, order a bunch of red roses and a Blackforest cake along with a romantic song played by the guitarist. To avail this service you have to check for the availability of guitarist in your place.

Durga Puja celebrations

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Serenades for Durga Puja celebrations

The musical performance for someone special is called Serenades. You can play a light music for the love of your life on her birthday or else you can send a serenade to your parents on their special day.

Durga Puja celebrations

In this modern world, you can get any products delivered at your doorsteps; thanks to the internet. As we all know that Durga Puja is a festival that is celebrated for nine days. So why don’t you send a serenade along with gifts for more than one day?

Tell them how much you miss them:

different colors of roses

The first one on the list of Durga Puja gifts is a 7-day serenade that will deliver different colors of roses at your loved one’s doorstep. They will send red, pink, yellow, and white roses with this serenade for 7 days from the date you select.

A complete gift:

A complete gift

This is a serenade that contains not only different flowers but also teddy bear, chocolates, and cakes. In this serenade, on day 1, 10 red roses will be delivered and on the 7th day your loved one will receive a teddy bear, chocolate cake, and 2 heart shaped balloons.

3. For the last three days of celebration:

For the last three days of celebration

Durga Puja gifts can be given on any day of the celebration. So giving a 3-day serenade can be one of the unique and simple ways to let someone know that you are thinking about them. This gift has a teddy bear, 5 assorted Cadbury chocolates, chocolate cake, and a bunch of 10 red roses.

4. A 7-day pampering with seasonal flowers:

arrangements of seasonal flowers

Nature always gives you the right flowers for every season. So why don’t you send your girlfriend 7 beautiful arrangements of seasonal flowers for this year’s Durga Puja? She will be very happy to receive these flowers every day.

Navratri gifts

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Navratri gifts for your family

Navratri is a festival that is celebrated for nine days in the autumn season as the name indicates. In Sanskrit “Nav” means nine and “ratri” means nights. Even though there are changes in the way people celebrate this festival it is observed in honor of Devi Durga.

Navratri gifts

There are some differences in the way it is celebrated but the common theme here is the victory of good over evil. So here we will see some of the Navratri gifts found online.

Special Navratri delight:

Special Navratri delight

The first one on this list of Navratri gifts is a combo of flowers and a box of dry fruits. We all know that dry fruits are healthy for our body and on this Navratri let us wish good health to our friends and family. The bouquet is made of mix color carnations.

A gift for the fitness:


A gift for the fitness


This is an unusual gift that can be given on this year’s Navratri. This consists of assorted fruits and seasonal flowers in a bowl. The seasonal flowers represent the autumn and the fruits are for the health of the body.

An exotic combo:

An exotic combo

The next gift in this list of Navratri gifts is a combo of flowers and sweets. Sweets are very important in this nine-day festival. You can get any combo like the one in the link -. This link will take you to a gift combo that consists of Orchids and a Gulab Jamun box.

Floral surprise for Navratri:

Floral surprise for Navratri

Well, you can even send a simple gift on this Navratri in the form of a bouquet that has red roses, carnations, and white roses. Whoever receives this gift will be happy and will appreciate your gesture. Sending a gift to someone means you remember them on this auspicious occasion.

send flowers to mumbai

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How to send gifts to your loved ones in Mumbai?

The invention of the internet made human life much easier. You were able to send and receive messages sitting at home but after the invention of smartphones, this has changed. Now you can order gifts, services, and any product online through e-commerce sites. You do not need a laptop or computer for this.

send flowers to mumbai

With the help of mobile apps and internet, you can get it delivered to your doorstep. So if you have been wondering about how to send flowers to Mumbai or even gifts, take this post as an introduction to the world of e-commerce.

Let us say your family is staying in Mumbai and you cannot get a leave to visit your daughter on her birthday. Sending a bunch of roses, a cake, and a teddy bear as the birthday gift is easy now.

bunch of roses, a cake, and a teddy bear

This was just an example and you can select any gift from the options you have. Another gift that can be ordered for your loved ones and family is a combo of orange carnations, bird of paradise flowers and a teddy Bear with a basket of mix dry fruits. This can be a perfect gift for your parents who are staying in Mumbai and if you are away from them.

combo of orange carnations, bird of paradise flowers and a teddy Bear with a basket

Long distance relationships are always difficult. If it is between you and your lover you need to remind her that you do love her. Sending a bunch of yellow roses with a strawberry cake can be one of the best options available. The same applies if you want to send flowers to Mumbai where your boyfriend is staying.

yellow roses with a strawberry cake

Send a combo of red roses, truffle cake, and a bottle of wine to let him know that you love him. Now, you need not feel sad because you were not able to send gifts to Mumbai.

Gifts for your grandparents

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Gifts for your grandparents on their special day

We already know about parent’s day. Not only that there are separate dates for mother’s day and father’s day. Just like that, grandparent’s day is a tradition that started in USA and UK in 1978. This is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the labor’s day in September.

Gifts for your grandparents

Even though it is not that common like mother’s day or father’s day, this is the best time to do something special and grand for your grandparents. This year grandparent’s day is celebrated on September 10.

Appreciating their eternal love:

bunch of Red Gerberas

Grandparents tell us the story of their long lasting love and how they faced life. So gifting a bunch of Red Gerberas will be perfect for this grandparent’s day. That is the reason I included this on the list of grandparent’s day gifts.

Beautiful lilies say it all:

Beautiful lilies say it all

As we all know lilies represent purity and we should be thankful for our grandparent’s pure love. So let us offer back our pure love through this bunch of pink lilies wrapped in a paper and bow.

Pink passion:

Pink passion

Well, next one on the list of grandparent’s day gifts is a bunch of pink roses wrapped in a cellophane packing . We all agree to the fact that there is no other flower suitable as the rose when it comes to proclaiming our love and care to someone. You can even send a cake along with this bouquet but you should think about their medical condition too.

Remind them about their blooming love:

bouquet of red roses and yellow glades

Our grandparents had been in love for a long time and they would have forgotten about their youth. There is no better gift than a bouquet of red roses and yellow glades to remind them of their golden days. Send them a note saying that their love has nourished you and your family for years now.