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Friendship day history and celebrations

In this article, we will see what is friendship day and most importantly the history of friendship day celebrations. The ways people used to celebrate this day and the itineraries of their friendship day celebrations kept on changing. People made friends from the time the human race started to exist. There are many famous stories of friendships and sacrifices done by best friends. Friends celebrate this day by ordering Friendship day cakes online and having a cake cutting ceremony at home.

Friendship day

A peek into the history

Joyce Hall was the man who introduced the idea of friendship day celebration by declaring August 2 as a holiday. He wanted to promote his greeting cards and for that, he suggested this idea in 1919. But customers understood this and stopped to buy greeting cards. By 1940 this celebration died out and the business of greeting cards also diminished.

Later in Paraguay, this idea rekindled and the World Friendship Day was celebrated for the first time in 1958. After that,Asian countries started to revitalize this special day in the 1990s. To encourage this idea, Kofi Annan’s (UN secretary general) wife declared “Winnie the Pooh” as the international ambassador of friendship. From that time friendship day was official and people started to exchange gifts and cards on that day. Then the friendship bands became popular that started in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh.

Friendship day

As the years passed friends started to celebrate this friendship day more. Friends would gather at a place and will enjoy. The technology has developed to theextent that you can order Friendship day cakes online. Not only that you can order flowers, greeting cards, and food online. The seller will get it delivered to your doorstep or at the address you want it to be delivered.


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What can you gift your girlfriend on this friendship day?

We are all blessed with friends in our life who will be there for us always. There are some friends whom we know from our school days and there are some whom we meet in our office or college. We will have both male and female friends. But a girlfriend is that female friend who is special and important than other female friends in your life. So she deserves the best. The friendship day gift for girlfriend should be something that speaks about your love and care towards her.

friendship day

How to decide the gift?

This is the time of internet and you can get gifts ordered to your doorsteps. The best way to find a friendship day gift for girlfriend is searching online for ideas. There are e-commerce sites that can be used as a reference to get an idea about the gifts for your girlfriend. Your girlfriend will not be expecting a gift on this friendship day because she got a gift on Valentine’s Day. So surprise her with a friendship day gift. Another source for friendship day gift for girlfriend is the nearby jewelry shop from where you can buy ornaments for her.

But all these will depend on your budget. You can even take her out for shopping on this friendship day so that she can choose the gift. The advantage of going to a shopping mall is that you have many options like textiles, jewelry shops, supermarkets, and accessory shops. But if you have already tried these options take her out to a vacation spot where you both can spend some time. This can be a picnic to the nearest spot or for camping. The point here is to make your girlfriend realize that she is not only your girlfriend but is your best friend whom he can count on.

friendship day online gifts

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Benefits of e-commerce gift websites

This is the time of internet and technology. You can get anything ordered from the internet if you have a smartphone and internet connection. There are many e-commerce sites from which you can get the friendship day online gifts. There are many advantages of using this facility. This friendship day you can get your best friend’s gift to his or her doorstep so that it will be a surprise for your friend. Friendship day is nearing and you can get any gift from online sites.


The benefits of friendship day online gifts

Be it for friendship day or any other festival people love to exchange gifts. Friendship day is for friends and we exchange gifts on this special day. This year we will think about gifting through online websites. The benefits of e-commerce websites are:

  • You can order friendship day gifts from the comfort of your home.
  • Customization of the gift is available and you do not have to go to different shops for that.
  • It will be a surprise for your friend because you can get friendship day online gifts delivered to your friends’doorstep anywhere in the world.
  • Payment is also possible through banking systems and in case if you want refund you can cancel the order easily
  • The e-commerce websites give you a plethora of options to select the best friendship day gift for your friend.
  • This makes it very easy to send gifts to more than one friend since you just need a device with the internet and online access to your bank account.

The above benefits are enough for someone to adapt to this way of buyingfriendship day gifts online. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and search for the best gift online and surprise your best friend with the gift on this friendship day.

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A Flower that withered Away !


Though she has left this world but she stays with us till eternity. The Honorable C.M. of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha is no more with us. But she has left behind a legacy for us to follow. If you turn on the television or read the newspapers you will see people praying for her, people mourning for her because it was their Amma who left them.  There is no denying the fact that she was an eminent leader with a marvelous personality and a beautiful actress.  She did a lot for the people of Tamil Nadu, developed the state and always worked for the welfare of the people.  Definitely, we all know that people love her. There’s no way anyone or anything can replace her presence, but as her followers, there’s one thing that can be done- You can pray for her to rest in peace, you can send flowers to express your sorrow. In these times, when everyone is weeping for her, we pray that wherever she goes, her soul is happy.

It is true that she has left beautiful memories for us; because she was and will always be a source of inspiration for us, her memories will always be our guide. No matter what, she will always stay at our side. There is no way we can repay her for what she has done for the people. People respect her, love her and so it is only right if you pay homage to her. People not only in Tamil Nadu but in the entire country were taken aback when the midnight news said about the Iron lady’s demise. If we go through the things that she did for Tamil Nadu, words will fall short, words will not be enough. In these bad times, we pay condolences to all her followers for the sad demise of a lady, who is the true example of women empowerment. Not only are the feelings circumscribed to people of South or TN, but the whole nation. She was the only flower that scented her surroundings by her deeds and remarkable works.

 We pay a tribute to such a powerful lady, who on herself became whatever big she achieved.  A simple garland or a wreath of flower can wish her all the peace.  Everyone, from her supporters to the top party leaders knows what this nation has lost. pays tribute to the lady who worked for the poor and needy, who worked for all the good and growth of the commoners.  Every day, people prayed for Amma’s health, for her well-being.  Just some news about her would comfort people’s heart. And, we all know that she was truly blessed, an excellent artist, a wonderful leader and most importantly a principled person. She was and will always be the heart and soul of Tamil Nadu. May her soul rest in peace!

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Diwali is not just the biggest festival celebrated in the country, its perfect timing in October when even the nature is making an appeal for its liking makes it the most popular festival too. The charm of lightnings on the streets, the blooming petals of the plants in the garden, the vicious look on the face of children because of their firecrackers that makes them feel as if they are the Don themselves, and so many other little details where everything about this season of the festival gives a sense of satisfaction.

You might be away from your home or your loved ones might be out of reach, but no one should stop you from showing them the love. We along with our entire team can surprise your loved ones with the DIY Flower Decoration for Diwali, an entire theme based decoration. You can just send the bouquets too for we make online flower delivery to any place that you wish.

Whether you want to create the idea of establishing floating candles in your room imbursed in the bowl of floatingflowers, or you wish to create a floral Diya, or if you wish to go with the floral Rangoli or anything that you have on your list in mind, you can make an order from our website. You can even use the special offers and discounts running in this season.

There were times when you went to garden to relish the few moments amidst the nature but with changing times, and striking luck you can order the entire garden at your place. Whether you wish to send flowers to Delhi or that to Bangalore or some remote area of the country where you can’t reach on time, you just need to make few clicks on the website.

The colorful and bright Diwali would be incomplete without the nature at your abode, your home!

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DIY Flower Decorations for Karwa Chauth


The season of festivities and the air of light hearted nature, the blooming gardens and the colorful florist shops, the reality that conforms to the imagination which reveals that the India’s festivities couldn’t be better. Amidst all the widely celebrated festivals, KarwaChauth is one of those rituals or festival, as you might put it that brings two people together or better, it is the festival for the romance after marriage. And romance and flowers are kind of substitute for one another, so why not make this KarwaChauth more special with the DIY Flower decorations for KarwaChauth.

  • You can use floral candles for the puja thali. For this you can make online flower delivery to your place and do the decorations or you can also purchase the floral Thali in which you don’t need to put any extra effort.
  • On your terrace or balcony, wherever you are going to perform the ceremonies you can decorate the place with the flowers or the bouquets. Don’t worry if you are afraid of digging a big hole in your pocket, you can send flowers to Delhi or Hyderabador Bangalore or Mumbai or any place at the same reasonable cost.
  • You can use flowers for the decoration of the thali, diya, channi and so much more. You can also use the flowers on your head as the oldschoolstyle gajra or just a rose behind your ear to get back to the days when they were ornaments.

There are so many ways in which you can induce the fragrances at your place using aroma and candle sticks or incense sticks. But the magic that flowers are at a different level. They give the beauty to the place in the most simple way. You can also send flowers online to any city or state, to your home or at friends, because this season, let’s make it even more special, more flowery.

Happy KarwaChauth!

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The crescent moon and the shimmering lights, the chirping of the birds in the season of autumn, the continually changing season where the daylight is getting shorter and the nights that have covered most part of the hours. And with this one can see the shift from the dry and humid weather to the windy and beautiful weather, marking the season of “love is in the air” has started. This romantic weather doesn’t just invites the new love birds escaping on their cupid roller coaster ride, it’s a season of romance for all ages, the young and the old.

And when this season is bringing the KarwaChauth along with it, it signifies how the seasons of beautiful flowers and picturesque atmosphere brings these kinds of festivals. Your wife is keeping fast for you, for your long, healthy and prosperous life. And when someone is giving up food for you, you really should know how special you would be for them. Bringing them small surprises on this day or choosing the option of flower gifting for KarwaChauth from our website or stores, you can make that special woman of your smile like never before by just caring a little more.

No matter in which city you are or how much distance separates you from your better half, online flower delivery to Delhi or Bombay or Bangalore, or whichever city is not as hard as it seems. Love is a thing which can never be expressed into words, it is the reason why sonnets are written, why the buildings like Taj Mahal are made, and why the songs are played. And while the world is about so much of love, you ought to make your love make as special as you can. May it be a perfume, or a spa coupon, find a perfect gift for your beautiful and pretty wife, and we shall help you with the packing and delivering in the sweetest way possible.