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Flowers that can be used for wedding decorations in February

The wedding day is special for everyone and we wish that everything will be perfect on that day. From the dress to the decorations everything needs to be planned well for this. You will have to select the right flowers when it comes to the decoration of the wedding hall and podium.

wedding flowers

Here are some of the flowers that can be used for a February wedding. The bouquets or flower arrangements listed here are just for representation purpose.

Calla lilies:

red roses

Even though they are called lilies the shape is different from the typical lilies available in the market. Calla lilies look like a funnel and you can see the white calla lilies in the link.The vase arrangement has red roses and pine cones also with the calla lilies

Delphiniums or gladiolus:

stem flowers

These are two stem flowers that look similar. You can either use gladioli stems or delphinium stems to decorate the wedding podium. These are the flowers used in the month of February.

Water lilies or white Asiatic lilies:

basket arrangement

Lilies are commonly used for wedding decorations and they are available in all seasons. You can have a small basket arrangement of white lilies or buds like in the link – – decorating the table on the wedding podium.


bright flowers

These bright flowers are also known African daisies and they can be used for both boutonniere and bridal bouquets. The link – – will take you to a bunch of mix colored gerberas tied using a yellow ribbon. You can even use these as the centerpiece on the tables.


glass vase of peonies

The peonies are the most delicate flowers. These flowers are also used for the center table decorations like gerberas. A glass vase of peonies is always a treat to watch.


Ganesh Chaturthi gifts

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Unique Ganesh Chaturthi gifts for your loved ones

Lord Ganesh is also known as Vinayaka (obstacle remover) and all the other pujas start with a Ganesh puja. Ganesh Chaturthi usually falls in the month of August or September. This festival is celebrated for 10 days sacredly by chanting prayers and performing rituals.

Ganesh Chaturthi gifts

The idols are placed in public places and houses for these ten days and after that idols will be carried to the nearby water body as a procession. The festival ends by the immersion of idols in the water. Here we are going to help you in selecting Ganesh Chaturthi gifts for your loved ones.

1. Sweet with flowers:

Sweet with flowers

Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival of sweets and food items because it is known that Lord Ganesh is fond of delicious food. “Modak” is his favorite sweet and you can get this from any of the sweet shops in festival season. However, you can even gift a box of Gulab Jamun with a bunch of pink roses on this auspicious occasion.

2. Red roses and Rasgullas:

Red roses and Rasgullas

A box of Rasgullas with a bouquet of red roses can be considered as one of the best gifts for Ganesh Chaturthi. A mixture of sweetness and freshness will speak a lot more than words.

3. Sweetest of all:


Sweetest of all


You can consider a bouquet of roses in different colors and a box of Kaju Katli sweet as a good gift to your loved ones on this occasion.

4. The orange ladoo and pink roses:


The orange ladoo and pink roses


I was attracted to this combo because of the orange colored ladoo and the pink roses. If you are not interested in roses you can replace them with carnations or lilies.

I have mentioned the gifts that have sweets as the combination with the flowers. That does not mean that you cannot gift cakes or chocolates with the flowers. The choice depends on the person who is receiving the gift from you.

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Send your love across the seas within less time!


 It’s December and it means that we can have lots and lots of fun, after all, Christmas is here, holidays are here and not to forget the New Year! Whether to watch a movie or hangout with friends? We start planning all the fun stuff! And one of the important parts is sending gifts! And one can never forget about it … after all its Christmas and New Year.  So, here we are with all the gifts from most beautiful flowers to yummiest chocolate. Send it to anyone you love through and enjoy! Wouldn’t it be amazing if your gifts reach to your loved ones on the Christmas Eve, just at the right time?

  If you share your joy it multiplies, it is a great thing, right?  So, start selecting amazing gifts from and send others.  We all love to be happy and gifts are definitely, something that gives happiness! Distance should not become a barrier, when it comes to festivals.  Gifts are an integral part of Christmas; send some beautiful gifts and flowers.  Really, it would make them feel so good and comfort them.

Sending gifts overseas, to your loved ones is not only what does but you can do it very easily with minimal spending. December is a party month. It would be amazing and a great surprise if you send someone gifts.  Send gifts, chocolates and amazing stuff at  We are here with our families, but what about those miles away from us, we should share our joy with them and make this party month so awesome for them that they love it.  Sometimes, because of the complications we drop the idea of sending gifts overseas, but with Book a flower, it has and always be easy for you to send gifts overseas!


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Ways to wish newlywed couple a happily ever after!


Want to wish the newlywed couple on their new beginning?   Go to and gift exciting and the most beautiful gifts ever!

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the best ways to gift your loved ones and it becomes even more remarkable and special when it’s about someone’s wedding. So why not book a flower, send cards or cakes?

When a couple decides to spend their entire lives together forever you should gift them and make their wedding for them as well as for you worth remembering. How?

Show your love and book a flower!

After all, those getting married are special for you, so flowers are probably one of the best ways to tell them they are really very important for you and you are there with them in their most important times.

  • Put a smile on their face on their wedding ceremony because your gifts really matter to them.
  • If they are miles away, but you want to present them flowers, go online, just a click and your gift will be at their doorstep. makes it easy for you to send flowers in over 100 cities.
  • Not just in India, your love in the form of flowers and other gifts can be sent in over 180 countries.
  • Convey your special message with the flowers.

Their Perfect wedding and your Perfect gifts!

There are many other things that could be presented like cakes, cards, and other stuff. Like you want to gift them a cake, then you’re just a click away from giving them most delicious and yummy gift at and also customize your love, actually the cakes. Cards can become the most personal presence and you too can send your feelings in a beautiful card and makes it easy for you.