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A Flower that withered Away !


Though she has left this world but she stays with us till eternity. The Honorable C.M. of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha is no more with us. But she has left behind a legacy for us to follow. If you turn on the television or read the newspapers you will see people praying for her, people mourning for her because it was their Amma who left them.  There is no denying the fact that she was an eminent leader with a marvelous personality and a beautiful actress.  She did a lot for the people of Tamil Nadu, developed the state and always worked for the welfare of the people.  Definitely, we all know that people love her. There’s no way anyone or anything can replace her presence, but as her followers, there’s one thing that can be done- You can pray for her to rest in peace, you can send flowers to express your sorrow. In these times, when everyone is weeping for her, we pray that wherever she goes, her soul is happy.

It is true that she has left beautiful memories for us; because she was and will always be a source of inspiration for us, her memories will always be our guide. No matter what, she will always stay at our side. There is no way we can repay her for what she has done for the people. People respect her, love her and so it is only right if you pay homage to her. People not only in Tamil Nadu but in the entire country were taken aback when the midnight news said about the Iron lady’s demise. If we go through the things that she did for Tamil Nadu, words will fall short, words will not be enough. In these bad times, we pay condolences to all her followers for the sad demise of a lady, who is the true example of women empowerment. Not only are the feelings circumscribed to people of South or TN, but the whole nation. She was the only flower that scented her surroundings by her deeds and remarkable works.

 We pay a tribute to such a powerful lady, who on herself became whatever big she achieved.  A simple garland or a wreath of flower can wish her all the peace.  Everyone, from her supporters to the top party leaders knows what this nation has lost. pays tribute to the lady who worked for the poor and needy, who worked for all the good and growth of the commoners.  Every day, people prayed for Amma’s health, for her well-being.  Just some news about her would comfort people’s heart. And, we all know that she was truly blessed, an excellent artist, a wonderful leader and most importantly a principled person. She was and will always be the heart and soul of Tamil Nadu. May her soul rest in peace!


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Cyber Monday Deals: Shop and spread love all together!


Holidays means fun, happiness, and joy! For some happiness is spending time with family and friends, for some happiness is hanging out or going on a trip. But there are some for whom the idea of happiness is all about shopping and Cyber Monday deals are no less than a festival for them. This is the most amazing time of the year because you’ve got an endless number of deals around you and that is really very awesome! Not only it is the perfect time for shopping stuff like clothes, gadgets and other accessories for yourself but for those you love and care about.

Yeah! You can send flowers, cakes, cards and fruits for your family and friends and send them the same along with the stuff you’ve bought for them. Really, it would make their day. knows it all, and hence you get to select from unlimited beautiful and mesmerizing gifts to send the smile to anyone and almost everywhere.  Why not gift your mother or your spouse a 4g Smartphone since the Reliance group has decided to extend their free 4g internet services? No seriously, she would become really very happy if you do this and make it a special one by gifting some flowers and chocolates just like a cherry on the cake!   There’s a lot going on these days and the term ‘cyber’ is being used like a wildfire running in the forest. Be it the cyber-attack on Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account or the Cyber Monday deals itself. After all, the internet and cyber world have made a special place in our lives too.

People are a little worried because of the lack of cash. So, don’t worry and gift them some flowers and joy together online. Even our Prime Minister has urged for a cashless society. So, do not wait for a single moment, you’ve got amazing deals not just for shopping clothes, gadgets but at too.

With, send flowers to Mumbai, send flowers to Delhi, send flowers to Bangalore, send flowers to Calcutta, send flowers to Pune, send flowers to Gurgaon and send flowers to any country and city with easy.  

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Let your mother know, SHE IS SPECIAL!


Mother is another name for god. Well absolutely moms are special but she needs to know it now and then. Let us all thank our mothers, for everything she has made us today. As we grow up we forget what struggles our mother must have taken to fulfill your demands be it for a candy or an expensive toy.

Tell your mom how she is special to you; express your love and boundless affection. Go to send your mother gifts and flowers amaze her with your surprise, and she is going to love it with a smile on her face.  Even a mother is like a flower she makes the garden(family) colorful, full of fragrance and life. No one can match up with the intensity of your mother’s love but a token of your sentiments in the form of a card would also be unmatchable.

In the world of hassles and forgetfulness, write to her, send a card with www.bookaflower.comand go old school. How Book A Flower makes it easy for you convey your love limitlessly, send a combo, send her flower or gifts, with a reach in almost 108 cities, we will deliver smiles to your mothers. No matter how old we grow, we need our mother and her blessings and guess what she demands in return? LOVE.

So, dedicate her show her she is the most important person in our lives and Book A Flower serves that to you. Not only mother’s day each and every day is a mother’s day. She is mad at you, she be not allowing you to party with your friends and sometimes she would be old-fashioned in ideas but she is your mommy and reason behind all your success is that lady and her prayers.

Say cheers to Super-Woman of our lives by sending her wonderful flowers and gifts along with your love through Book A flower. Irrespective of her location, be it in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Surat, Chennai, Ghaziabad, or any other city in India send her the flowers with ease.

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Well, of course we know there is no sorry or thank you in friendships or relationships, but what if you express…

Express you hearts, spread a smile…. Send your loved ones some flowers, gifts, and cards and also there’s no need for an occasion to express your gratitude towards someone but what if there is one?

Festivals give us an opportunity to show our love and affection towards one another and that way is THANKSGIVING!  Thanksgiving is an important festival across the world and so it’s time to celebrate with your loved ones, families and friends. Obviously, there are many ways to show your love and some of them are sending flowers and gifts.

Spread the joy and send cards, gifts and flowers and make it the perfect way to tell them that you are thankful to them.  Thank them and give them a treat be it your parents, your children, husband or wife. You may host a dinner for your friends and make it a memorable one by giving them flowers, gifts, and cards with your love and feelings attached to them. gives you a wide variety of cards with special messages on them, amazing gifts and beautiful flowers.  You can send flowers, gifts, and cards online and not just that sending it all to any part of the world.

Present your loved ones with the blossoms and fragrances. Kick in the positive vibes and make your feelings connect.  So, a way to appreciate people for their good deeds, their good behavior is Thanksgiving which is about to come, so why waiting? Why not give them happiness in the form of flowers, cards, and gifts?

Get ready and go to and go through the most amazing collections of gifts, flowers and cards you will ever find.

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Demonetization: Flowers or thorns?


Days come and go. When the world awaited the results of the U.S.A’s presidential elections, speculating about who is going to win, Indians too were doing the same. But around 8 p.m. the talking point changed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise address to the nation. That day registered itself in the history with a dynamic attack on fake currency, frauds and corruption making it very important and a remarkable date.

This step left the people stunned. Some called it a marvelous and revolutionary move, while so agitated. Till date, this topic remains a hotcake. This move is “DEMONETISATION”. The currency notes of ₹  500 and ₹   1000 ceased to be the legal tender money. The ban’s impact was so colossal that demonetization in India became a trending topic internationally.

We are badly hit by corruption and other problems. So we definitely needed some measures and so the demonetization drive is one such. People who hoarded money, people who funded terrorism, and people who faked the currency are now not even getting a peaceful sleep. This first-rate initiative by the Indian Government has planned not so back but only 6 months ago. The unscheduled address of the Prime minister is a great answer to those who kept on questioning Government’s front on Black money. Every year crores of counterfeit currency was injected into the market but now those faking currencies are helpless and their illegal work has now seized!

With banks deposit base increasing and rise in consumption in cash-based sectors we are likely to see a boost in the GDP and the long-term advantages will outweigh the transient increase in economic growth. Demonetization was a successful maneuver by the Modi Government because one slap has hit fake currency, terrorist funding, and corruption so hard. It will encourage people to pay outstanding taxes and inculcate saving habits but this time in banks!

Yet, the reforms made for the well being of the people, are still like a pain in the back for the commoners. Waiting for hours in the queue outside the banks,refusal by private hospitals to provide treatment. These are some of the problems faced by people living in urban and semi-urban areas but what about those in villages. They don’t understand the technical terms, they don’t have bank accounts, and so what will they do?

Some politicians and businessmen look most stressed after demonetization drive. You can guess, why? Every good change needs support; even the most beautiful flower has thorns in it. If we need this change, we want our country free from these evils; we have to support the good cause and so despite all the difficulties being faced people are ready for this massive change just for their motherland, just for INDIA.

Planning to buy flowers or send gifts to your friends on their birthdays and other events. Let the cash crunch not trouble you. Order online with, pay online and let us deliver happiness to your friends directly!

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Tobacco or flowers?



As a wise man once said, “quitting tobacco is very easy. I have done it 250 times in the last 3 year”. Unfortunate but true, tobacco is a habit that rarely leaves a person. Call it habit or emotional attachment, the desperation that tobacco creates is quite dangerous. Owing to the story of Mukesh we watch before every (yes, every!) movie these days we all know well the after effects of tobacco addiction. Not that we weren’t aware of it earlier. But giving up on cigarettes isn’t still easy. Here we have a simple idea for it. Hello, tobacco kings and queens, this idea is for you especially.

Next time when the urge to smoke comes near you, but a flower and give it to a random old person or a kid on the street, with a smile! Don’t forget to say, ‘have a nice day’. The smile that comes back can easily surpass the satisfaction that a complete puff of cigarette gives! Gifting smiles and flowers is an age old idea of expressing emotions, now let it help you release your cigar-bond emotions. Works like magic! In case you feel this sounds cheesy, try doing something you love and distracting yourself from the idea of smoking. Another well tried idea is to mediate. No? There are a thousand more ways! Infact, as we all know, where there is will, there is a way!!

Human body is as tender as a flower. Some flowers fall off immediately when exposed to smoke and some take time. The fact that smoke makes them wither is undebatable. So a happy long life or a short and diseased life? It’s all upto you to decide!

This article is dedicated to all the tobacco-victims on the occasion of Nation Tobacco day on November 4th.


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Diwali is just about the corner and you must be all busy with the preparation, the cleaning and the decorations. The happy faces around of the children with their firecrackers and the guns, or the ladies rushing to the last hour deals in the malls and girls choosing their outfit for the puja and whatnot. The enchanting light on the night of “Amavasya, you agree to it or not, it is the most beautiful sight of the year. You must be all caught up with making that home of yours a humble abode and that’s why on this occasion of happiness and excitement, thrill and enjoyment, we bring to you the DIY Flower Gifting Range for Diwali. Here is the list!

  • You can choose the flowers for your vase, roses or lilies, your choice. And if you are a lousy picker, let us allow to make you a perfect combination of bouquet which shall not only match with the lightings of your house but also with your happy heart.
  • You can choose the flowery diya or the candles, or plates which has already designed flowers that you can totally decorate or keep it in your drawing rooms.
  • Also, there are rows of flowers that you can use to decorate your home walls either stitched up in row or just used plainly against the wall.
  • A recent technique of decoration, where one uses the flowers, shells and all these kind of decorative things along with fairy lights has splendid effect on the room.

We just don’t want to bring you flowers, but more than that we want you to cherish this Diwali by enjoying utmost with your family. Also, if your parents or partner or any loved one is not with you, you can send flowers online and spread a smiley across their face. You are thinking about distance that it shall cost you a fortune sending flowers this far? Don’t worry we can send flowers to Delhi or Mumbai or Hyderabad at the same reasonable price all along.

Have a happy and memorable Diwali with us!!