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Best Raksha Bandhan gifts

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Best Raksha Bandhan gifts you can find on the internet today

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and you will be searching for gifts for your sisters or brothers. As we all know Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of love and care between a sister and brother.

Best Raksha Bandhan gifts

Since you can order anything and everything online these days getting a Raksha Bandhan gift online will not be difficult. Here I will give you an idea about some of the best Raksha Bandhan gifts you can find on the internet today.

1. A sweet surprise for your brother:

A sweet surprise for your brother

You can order combo like the one in the link – that has layer lucky bamboo, Rakhi, 1kg Rasgullas, and Tikka Chawal.The lucky bamboo is known for bringing good luck to the place where it is kept. So this is a way to wish your brother good luck in his life. The Rakhi band is for tying after the morning prayer and you can use the Tikka Chawal also for the prayer. The box of Rasgullas is for the sweet brother you have.

2. A pack of chocolates and roses:

A pack of chocolates and roses

This is one of the best Raksha Bandhan gifts you can find on the internet today. This combo has a Rakhi, a bunch or red roses, Roli Chawal, and a pack of Cadbury Celebrations. This is one of the best gifts that can be given to women because women love chocolates and roses. She can use the Rakhi to tie on her brother’s hand. The Roli Chawal is for the prayer that is done in the morning.

3. The Rakhi-Healthy glow:

The Rakhi-Healthy glow

Everybody is conscious about fitness and health. We all know that having lots of fruits will help to stay healthy. The Rakhi-healthy combo has a Rakhi, a bunch or yellow roses, a basket of apple (4 KG), and Roli Chawal. This is an ideal gift for both the brother and sister. We have heard the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. With a basket full of apple both sister and brother can stay healthy. You can get any other fruits paired with this combo instead of apple.

4. Celebration with a cake:


Celebration with a cake


Celebrating the Raksha Bandhan with a cake is not a bad idea. The combo in the link has a bunch of yellow roses and 1 kg chocolate cake. Just like most of the gift combos available online, this combo also has Roli Chawal with it. Any celebration is incomplete without a cake cutting ceremony. So after the morning prayer and Rakhi tying both sister and brother can have the cake cutting ceremony with the family members.

5. Rakhi Special cookie combo:

Rakhi Special cookie combo

One of the best Raksha Bandhan gifts you can find on the internet today is the one with tasty cookies. The combo in the link – has a bunch of 12 red roses, Rakhi, Tikka Chawal, and a box of Danish Butter cookies. Well, this is one of the unique gifts available online. Most of the gifts will contain chocolates, cake, sweets, and flowers since these are common on this occasion. But giving a box of cookies with the usual Rakhi items will be something different.

6. A combination of luck and sweets:


A combination of luck and sweets


The advantage of ordering online gifts is that you can get it delivered at the person’s doorstep. This combo is something that you can order for your brother if he is away from you. The combo contains a lucky bamboo, Rakhi, Tikka Chawal, and assorted sweet box. Your brother can keep the lucky bamboo in his room and devour the sweets you sent him. The Rakhi band and the Tikka Chawal are considered as the best wishes from a sister.

7. Rakhi-Tall Arrangement:

Rakhi-Tall Arrangement

The last one in the list of the best Raksha Bandhan gifts you can find on the internet today is an arrangement of 100 Red Roses that is 3 -4 feet tall. The combo also has a basket of mixed fruits, Rakhi, and Roli Chawal. The basket of fruits weighs 5 KGs which is enough for your sister or brother for one week. This gift combo will represent a sister’s wishes for her brother’s good health and prosperity.

Raksha Bandhan 2017

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7 unusual gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2017

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is celebrated mainly in India and Nepal. This day is celebrated to remind about the relationship between a brother and sister.

Raksha Bandhan 2017

The name “Raksha Bandhan” is given because this is mainly about the “Bond of protection” between the siblings. When the brother promises to keep his sister safe the sister promises to pray for his happiness and prosperity. Let us see some of the unusual gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2017.

1. A warm surrender:

A warm surrender

Siblings are meant to be together in everything even though they fight over silly things. On this Raksha Bandhan surprise your sister with a combo of flowers (a bunch of red roses), rakhi, and teddy bear. This gift combo contains these items along with the ‘Roli Chawal’ that is used for the Pooja or prayer done by the sister. This is a combo that contains everything that is needed for the celebration and prayer. The teddy bear will definitely make your sister happy.

2. A combo of dry fruits:

A combo of dry fruits

Rakhi is the festival of sibling love. You can order this for your sister or brother in which there are a bunch of yellow roses, dry fruits, rakhi, and the Roli Chawal. The yellow roses and Roli Chawal can be given as a gift to your sister. The mixed dry fruits bowl and Rakhi is the gift for the brother. This one combo is enough for a simple celebration of Raksha Bandhan this year. For this reason, I have included this in the list of unusual gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2017.

3. The sweet expression:

The sweet expression

The next one is a gift that can be gifted to your sister or brother on the Raksha Bandhan this year. A combo of cake, Rakhi, and Roli Chawal is a unique one. If you are planning to give this to your sister you should get it delivered the day before the festival so that she can use the Rakhi band and the Roli Chawal. If this is the gift for your brother you can get it delivered in the morning also. After the prayer, both sister and brother can cut the Blackforest cake that comes with the combo.

4. Juicy Delight:

Juicy Delight

The next gift is very unique and this is especially for your fitness conscious sister. This combo comes with a glass vase with 6 carnation flowers arranged beautifully. The combo also has 4 kg of assorted fruits so that your sister can make a healthy and delicious mixed fruit juice out of it. The combo also has a Rakhi and Roli Chawal needed for the morning prayer. Make sure you get these delivered on time so that you can gift her after the prayer.

5. The fragrance of sibling love:


The fragrance of sibling love


Raksha Bandhan is all about sibling love and there is always a need for fresh fragrance on this auspicious day. The next gift in the list of unusual gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2017 comes with one KG of Gulabjamun, Rakhi, Chawal, Tikka, and a bunch of flowers. Gift this combo to your sister with a greeting card on the previous day of Raksha Bandhan so that she can get ready for the morning.

6. Chocolate and Roses:

Chocolate and Roses

Another gift in the list of unusual gifts for Raksha Bandhan 2017 is a set of chocolates and flowers. The link will take you to a combo that contains a Diet Fun chocolate, a bunch of 12 red roses, Roli Chawal, and the Rakhi band. This is the unique and special gift for your chocolate loving sister. All girls love chocolate and they would appreciate their brother for his thoughtfulness.

7. A classic celebration of undying bond:

A classic celebration of undying bond

The bond between a brother and sister remains forever. On the Raksha Bandhan, they celebrate this bond. Brothers do give gifts to their sisters to show their love and care towards their sisters. The next gift combo in the list consists of a bunch or red roses, sweet, rakhi, and Roli Chawal. We all know that Roli Chawal, Rakhi, and sweets are used for the prayer. By this gift, the brother says that he will not only protect her from all troubles but also will provide her needs.

Above are some of the unique gifts you can get for your sister or brother on this Raksha Bandhan. My suggestion will be to get the online gifts delivered on the previous day.

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Send Rakhi Flowers Online As Wonderful Memento Of Love

The vivid and lively event of Rakhi sings the glory of the eternal and celestial bonding of brothers and sisters. It is no mere or trivial occasion that can come and pass like nothing happened. It is a pious and love soaked festivity which kindles the bonding shared by siblings. If you have your siblings situated at a distant place you need not be drowned in the abyss of morbid mourning. There is definitely one thing that you can do. You can choose to send a Rakhi along with flowers and other gifts to prove how dear you hold your siblings to your heart.

Send Rakhi Flowers Online

Let your feelings ooze

When you choose to Send Rakhi Flowers Online you do get a chance to add a vibrant and appealing personalized tone with the gifts that you send. By choosing these services you actually allow your feelings ooze out effectively and affectionately. There is every possibility that the Rakhi flowers and gifts will be adored by your siblings on this auspicious day. What’s more they will surely envision and understand the warmth and passion that you have sent along with the gifts. Try sending these gifts through cost effective online services.  Your love will surely be appreciated by the recipients.

Combo packs for all

Combo packs are invariably the most scintillating and alluring options that one gets to enjoy while deciding to send Rakhi flowers online for the occasion of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan. There will literally be an avalanche of alluring options when you intend or make up your mind to send the flowers and gifts online. Along with the Rakhi itself, there will be a personalized message which you can pen yourself or the entity which is in charge of sending the Rakhi and the gifts might do it on your behalf. The flowers will be accompanied by chocolates of different flavors, cream cakes, sweets as well as fruits.

Try cost effective services

When you think that you should Send Rakhi Flowers Online you actually tread on the right route. Sending flowers and gifts online is the smart way to try cost effective services. There is one thing very common with the online entities. They do make all the arrangement so that you can do your thing to send the Rakhi flowers as well as the other gifts on your own accord. The cost of the process does not happen to be any sort of headache or hindrance to you in any way. These online service providers have made adequate arrangement for that. They have let the service charge remain quite lenient so that the pecuniary dealings do not pose as a threat or a hindrance in the matters of heart.