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MahaSivaratri gifts

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Send MahaSivaratri gifts to your loved ones in Hyderabad

MahaSivaratri is the day dedicated for the honor of God Siva. This is celebrated on 13th February in Telangana, a southern state of India.

MahaSivaratri gifts

If you have your loved ones staying in Hyderabad you can send Sivaratri gifts from websites like Here are some of the gift combos you can consider while selecting the gift.

A pink magic:

roses and sweets

Since pink is considered as the color used for gentleness let us consider this as the first option while going for shopping on this MahaSivaratri. This is a gift combo of glass vase arrangement of pink roses and sweets.There will be 12 pink roses in the glass vase and as for sweets, your loved ones will receive Kaju Katli.

A special surprise:

flower bouquet

Next one is a combo of flowers and dry fruits. In this, the flower bouquet is made of 12 red roses and a basket of mixed dry fruits is included. Since this is the day of festival dry fruits are necessary to make sweets and dishes.

Sweet and Serene:

Blackforest cake and Kaju Katli

Sweets are inevitable for festivals. So send this combo of Blackforest cake and Kaju Katli to your loved ones so that they can celebrate the MahaSivaratri in a grand way.

Inner radiance for MahaSivaratri:

flower bouquet

Carnations and lilies are used to symbolize integrity and gentle care towards your loved ones. So I have added a gift combo of flower bouquet and a box of Soan Papdi. The flower bouquet has 10 yellow carnations and 2 orange lilies wrapped in white gift paper.

Sweet basket for the celebrations:

sweets and chocolates

The last gift on this list of MahaSivaratri gifts is a basket full of sweets and chocolates.The basket mainly consists of chocolates and candies that can be served in the family get together.



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Birthday flowers and colors for the month of February

Buying birthday gifts for our loved ones is a tradition we all follow. We always wish to give personalized gifts to our family members and friends. The birthday flowers for the month of February are primrose and violet. However, these flowers are not easy to get.

Birthday flowers

So we can get the flowers that come in February colors. Violet and purple are the colors used in the month of February.

Purple wings:

colored orchid plant

The first one on this list is a plant with flower. This is a purple colored orchid plant in a pot.Gifting plant is the best way to wish prosperity to your loved ones. You will get a plant with the flowers and this is the best birthday gift for the February born.

Purple passion:

purple flowers

Next one is a flower vase arrangement of purple flowers. The flowers used here are carnations, small daisies, oriental lilies, and green fillers. The two colors used here are purple and light violet. This is a gift that is suitable for both men and women.

Violet Hues gift:

bunch of 6 purple

Orchids are considered exotic and rare. Hence a bunch of 6 purple stems arranged using a white net cloth is something that can make the birthday boy’s or girl’s day.

Purple Hues:

purple in color

Above gift was in violet color and the next is purple in color. This is a clay pot arrangement of purple orchids with many other green fillers. Order for this bouquet and include a birthday greeting card with the gift when you meet the person on birthday.

Wild at heart:

violet irises

The last bouquet is a combination of violet and white. The bunch has white Asiatic lilies and violet irises in it. Irises are not always available so you may get a flower of the same color.


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One for your Super-hero!

Does buying a rose or a card for your dad or guy friend seem weird? Do you second guess this thought? If you do, then you need a paradigm shift! Let us all break this stereotype. Send your dad some flowers, cards or gifts. If we talk about empowerment why don’t we do some sweet and heart touching things for our dads too, they’ll definitely love it! brings to you a special feeling and your heart poured. Send your dad some goodies and make him feel, show him your love. Dads are the real life super hero. The relation between a father and child is more about unsaid feelings though they are full of love and with Book A Flower, let your affection be conveyed to him. Well, we usually relate such things to our moms, sisters or girl friends. But why not Dads? Send your dad a range of Chocolates, cards, cakes & flowers; nice, isn’t it? will deliver happiness at your doorsteps along with the huge smiles that will be added on our faces and your father’s face.

We take a step to deliver your love all over India in around 108 cities. We also offer delivery of exciting and amazing wine hampers, chocolates, flowers and cards. We are delighted to be a part of sharing joy and intense love. In this busy life take a few minutes to book some hampers or download an app to make it easier. May be you are sitting far away from your family and your dad. This simple gesture will surely make your relation merrier.

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4 ways flowers will make your Sankranti more awesome!

India is a land of festivals. Most festivals are usually celebrated by cleaning the houses, preparing special dishes and inviting friends and family to get together and have a good time. House decoration forms an important part of most festivals. India being a country famous for its ‘unity in diversity’ has numerous festivals that are celebrated in some parts of the country. Pongal/Sankranti is one such festival. It is immensely popular in South India, especially in Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Pongal is a festival of 4 days, which include ‘Bhogi Pongal’, ‘Perum Pongal’, ‘Mattu Pongal’ and ‘Kanum Pongal’. In Andhra, these 4 days are called “Bhogi, Sankranthi, Kanuma and Mukkanuma”. Pongal/Sankranti is a Harvest festival that is celebrated to welcome the new crops at home. For the agricultural roots that we hold, this festival is of massive importance down in Southern part of the country. Numerous rituals and celebrations are done during these four days which are a treat to watch! Flowers are one of the major constituents of these celebrations. They add color, grace and a touch of nature to the celebrations. Here are 4 flower decoration ideas to make Pongal / Sankranthi more awesome!

  1. The flower Rangoli:

    Also called as poonal or muggu, Rangoli is the welcome sign to guest during this festive period. While artificial colors also add beauty to the design, nothing can beat the grace of flower Rangolis. The nature’s touch it adds is also heavenly!

  2. The second at doorways: 
    Image resultDecorating the house entrance is a done by most Indian families. But usually, plastic decors are used. Let the entrance look more graceful during the festival with Flower malas hanging beside the doors. Remember you are not just welcoming the guests, but also welcoming the God of food and happiness!
  3. A touch of modernity:

    pink floral arrangements in glass bottles, cute for bridal shower, birthday celebration, baby shower etc:
    It would be correct to totally miss out on modernity even during the festivals. A small bunches of roses placed on your decoration tables this way would make the place look modern, beautiful and festive at a time!

  4. For the wall:

    Mother-daughter flower crown making party:
    No place is improper for flower decoration. Simple flower additions on wall will make the house look more colorful than ever and also offer a welcoming gesture to your guests!

There are more and more new ways in which the flowers can be used to add beauty to your festival mood. Try new ways and stand out from the crowd too. But this Pongal, don’t forget to go natural and to Book A Flower!

Distance doesn’t matter anymore with Sending flowers to any part of the country is now just a click away. Order online and send flowers to Delhi, send flowers to Mumbai, send flowers to Pune, send flowers to Hyderabad, send flowers to Bangalore, send flowers to Chennai, send flowers to Ahmedabad, send flowers to Cochin, send flowers to Chandigarh, send flowers to Gurgaon and send flowers to any city in India on the same day and wish your friends on Pongal wonderfully! We at ensure same day delivery that too within 6 hours of the order.



Guru Gobind Jayanthi

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The Guru of Righteousness & Valor

Today, on his 350th Birth Anniversary, let’s talk about the 10th Guru of Sikhs – Guru Gobind Singh

Haq haq andesh Guru Gobind Singh
Baadshah darvesh Guru Gobind Singh (Ganjnama by Bhai Nand Lal ji)

Haq – righteousness
Andesh – observer
Baadshah – king
Darvesh – mendicant

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the protectors of righteousness
Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the king as well as the mendicant.


I’m in awe of him but I can never imagine anyone being in his shoes.

I can’t imagine a nine-year-old holding the head of his father in his hand and consoling the other people that it’s okay.

I can’t imagine anyone leading the followers of a whole religion at that young age, creating an army of the pious ones and having a character so amazing that they can be inspired to change themselves.

I can’t imagine anyone standing on a stage and having the valor to ask the heads of five people and expecting them to willingly surrender.
After that, have the humility to create a whole new page and revolution and honor them to be the leaders.

I can’t imagine anyone being in a battlefield, knowing his young son is going into the battle the next day and never come back, put the armor on his teenage son and pat him on his back and say “may you fight well…” (I can never forget the tears I couldn’t control watching that scene in the movie Chaar Sahibzaade).

I can’t imagine anyone still standing on his feet after hearing the news that his two young boys had been bricked alive and his mother had been killed and yet continue on a mission that his ancestors had started.

But when I say and that I am in awe of Guru Gobind Singh ji, I don’t mean you should stop living and you owe your life to him.
No. I don’t think he would have wanted that.
He was too generous a person to ever want anybody to stop living for him.

But I wish that when people talk about him, their heads should be held high with the thought that in their lineage there was such a man who was so brave that you can’t even imagine anybody in the history of mankind ever being like him.

That sense of Pride would be good enough for you to be able to carry yourself through this life and say “I was lucky to be born in the family that had ancestors who were somehow connected to Guru Gobind Singh ji.”

It’s an honor to even be mentioned that we are the followers of such a brave man, such a visionary, such a father, such a leader, such a son.
He was a complete human being.

I wish all the people celebrating his 350 years of his birth a beautiful journey ahead. We all should be proud that we are a part of a legacy of Guru Gobind Singh.

The birthday of Guruji, which is referred to as “Prakash Parv” is celebrated annually with great pomp and joy country-wide by the Sikhs. Especially in Patna, which is Guruji’s birth place, Prakash Parv is celebrated in a festive sty;e. Bihar Govt. has spent approx. Rs 1500 Cr. for these bday celebrations. PM Modi is also in Patna today for the celebrations. Come join the celebrations. You can also avail the services of Bookaflower Store Patna which is offering floral arrangements and decor solutions.

May Guruji live long in our aspirations.


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A Calendar of Special Days of 2017 (First Half)

The new year hasn’t come alone! It has brought along dozens of special days and occasions to celebrate life once again. Starting right from the New Year day, numerous celebrations are all set to come and visit us. Here is the list of Special Days of 2017 (First Half) that we need to start getting ready for!

Date       –      Day

Jan 1 – New Year Day

Jan 14 – Pongal, Sankranthi

Feb 1 – Vasanth Panchami

Feb 7 – Rose Day

Feb 8 – Propose Day

Feb 9 – Chocolate Day

Feb 10 – Teddy Day

Feb 11 – Promise Day

Feb 12 – Hug Day

Feb 13 – Kiss Day

Feb 14 – Valentines Day 

Feb 24 – Mahashivaratri

Mar 13 – Holi

Mar 28 – Ugadi

Apr 4 – Ram Navami

Apr 9 – Mahavir Jayanthi

Apr 14 – Ambedkar Jayanthi

                Good Friday

                Tamil New Year


                Bengali New Year

 May 1 – May Day

May 10 – Buddha Purnima

June 25 – Id-ul-Fitr

Quite many, right! Like every year, even the second of 2017 is double full with yet more occasions to celebrate. But first, let’s finish the first half in style. Make each occasion special with flowers as gifts, flowers for decoration and flowers for love! Because a flower is a smile! With Book A Flower, send flowers, gifts and cakes to any city in India and to any country in the world. Send flowers to Delhi, send flowers to Mumbai, send flowers to Pune, send flowers to Hyderabad, send flowers to Bangalore, send flowers to Chennai, send flowers to Ahmedabad, send flowers to Cochin, send flowers to Chandigarh, send flowers to Gurgaon and send flowers to any city in India on the same day and wish your friends on wonderfully! We, at, ensure same day delivery that too within 6 hours of the order.

P.S: Another good news is that this year all the days are going to be not-on-sundays!


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A New Year : A New Ray of Hope

Not before long that we realised the year has started, it has already come to an end. New Year is right at the doorsteps now. Tonight, the whole world is going to celebrate the new year with pomp, fun and gifts. There is going to be a party in every nook and corner of the world. But in fact, what are we celebrating? The change of calender? The change of date? or ageing? None of these right! New year isn’t anything about the new ‘year’ in fact. It’s all about the ‘new’. Confused? Let us explain.

Failures, hatred, fights, disappointments, deaths we all have atleast a few of these during the past one year. Life is never perfect, and that my friend is the whole beauty of life. There are also many things that happened around the world that we hated. Be it the demonetisation or be it Trump’s historic win,  not everyone likes everything. The year has burdened us with too many things that probably left our hearts half-happy. And that is where the ‘new’ness comes to picture. New year is all about the new hopes to start afresh, new determinations to win, new dreams to live and new fortunes to trust upon. Come-what-may happens, life goes on; And every new year offers us a chance to live better and happier. So leave behind all the bad things that the past one year has shown and get ready to enter the new year with the widest possible smiles.

Happy New Year folks.

Also remember to send flowers to your friends and family wherever they are. Remember, a flower sent is a smile sent. With send flowers to upto 108 cities in India and to 180 countries with just a few clicks. . Send New Year flowers to Delhi, send New Year flowers to Mumbai, send New Year flowers to Pune, send New Year flowers to Hyderabad, send New Year flowers to Bangalore, send New Year flowers to Chennai, send New Year flowers to Ahmedabad, send New Year flowers to Cochin, send New Year flowers to Chandigarh, send New Year flowers to Gurgaon and send New Year flowers to any city in India on the same day and wish your friends on new year wonderfully! We at ensure same day delivery that too within 6 hours of the order.