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A New Year : A New Ray of Hope

Not before long that we realised the year has started, it has already come to an end. New Year is right at the doorsteps now. Tonight, the whole world is going to celebrate the new year with pomp, fun and gifts. There is going to be a party in every nook and corner of the world. But in fact, what are we celebrating? The change of calender? The change of date? or ageing? None of these right! New year isn’t anything about the new ‘year’ in fact. It’s all about the ‘new’. Confused? Let us explain.

Failures, hatred, fights, disappointments, deaths we all have atleast a few of these during the past one year. Life is never perfect, and that my friend is the whole beauty of life. There are also many things that happened around the world that we hated. Be it the demonetisation or be it Trump’s historic win,  not everyone likes everything. The year has burdened us with too many things that probably left our hearts half-happy. And that is where the ‘new’ness comes to picture. New year is all about the new hopes to start afresh, new determinations to win, new dreams to live and new fortunes to trust upon. Come-what-may happens, life goes on; And every new year offers us a chance to live better and happier. So leave behind all the bad things that the past one year has shown and get ready to enter the new year with the widest possible smiles.

Happy New Year folks.

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Be a Flower Santa


Come on! Cheer up! It’s Christmas and new year week! What do we think when we talk about Christmas? Santa, right! Of course, Christmas week without Santa is unbelievable and wouldn’t it be even more unbelievable if we say, you can be a Santa too… Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how, since it’s Christmas, so definitely there would be flowerscakes, and lovely gifts and you’ll find it all at one place, Yes! It’s How amazing would that be? Your friends, family, relatives, colleagues or anybody you love receive giftsflowers and cakes just like Santa send; their new year eve would become merrier than before.

After all, festivals give us reasons to have fun, to express our love, to celebrate, to strengthen our bonds of friendship, love or what not.   Your kids or your partner will obviously demand gifts, why not surprise them and gift them chocolates and flowers from and become the Santa of their lives. Send your parents or your grandparents the cutest gifts ever and make them feel elated and special.  New year vibes are getting all around us and you cannot stay away from it.  Flowers can make anyone’s day amazing, and when you send someone flowers it would not only make their day amazing but also make them so happy because it will remind them of you every time they take a look at your gifts or flowers.   Ever thought, how will your daughter feel who’s about to get married, gets Christmas wishes on an amazing card and some mesmerizing flowers? Obviously, she will not only get emotional but will be so glad knowing that her father or mother will love her forever.  Your boss, if gets some flower that he likes, it would just put a good impression on him and not just that, it will show that you are really interested in enhancing professional ties.

When we think of a Santa, we imagine a big old man whose the cutest with a big fat belly carrying a bag of the best gifts anyone can get! But you can also be a Santa, not necessarily in that red outfit, but your gifts or flowers that will reach will make you one too! There are a million ways to gift someone who could make them happy but what a flower does is nearly impossible to replicate.