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romance with guitar chords

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Spice up the romance with guitar chords

Gifting flowers and other expensive gifts to your lover or spouse has become a common practice. There is nothing special about that if you keep on imitating others in romance.

romance with guitar chords

Romance is a feeling that needs to be fresh and innovative ways to celebrate your relationship should be adopted. Here, I am giving some of the combo gifts that can be given to the love of your life.

Confess your love with a song:

bunch of mix colored roses and a romantic song

Well, sometimes we are unable to express the depth of our feelings towards the person. So send a bunch of mix colored roses and a romantic song to say it all. The guitarist will play the song at the time of delivery.

2. Spice up the romance with chocolate:

combo of chocolate cake and red roses

This gift is suitable if you are planning to spend time together. Get a combo of chocolate cake and red roses delivered at your lover’s doorstep. The combo also has the option to send a song along. A guitarist will be delivering the gifts and will be playing a song for your lover.

A romantic song with orchids:

A romantic song with orchids

This is one of the best gifts that can be given to your crush if you have just started dating. Sending a bunch of orchids that represent freshness and a song played by the guitarist clearly expresses how unique and special the person is for you.

A birthday gift for her:

A birthday gift for her

The last one on this list is a gift that can be delivered at midnight. We all know that we used to wish our friends at midnight on their birthdays. Just like that, order a bunch of red roses and a Blackforest cake along with a romantic song played by the guitarist. To avail this service you have to check for the availability of guitarist in your place.

send flowers to mumbai

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How to send gifts to your loved ones in Mumbai?

The invention of the internet made human life much easier. You were able to send and receive messages sitting at home but after the invention of smartphones, this has changed. Now you can order gifts, services, and any product online through e-commerce sites. You do not need a laptop or computer for this.

send flowers to mumbai

With the help of mobile apps and internet, you can get it delivered to your doorstep. So if you have been wondering about how to send flowers to Mumbai or even gifts, take this post as an introduction to the world of e-commerce.

Let us say your family is staying in Mumbai and you cannot get a leave to visit your daughter on her birthday. Sending a bunch of roses, a cake, and a teddy bear as the birthday gift is easy now.

bunch of roses, a cake, and a teddy bear

This was just an example and you can select any gift from the options you have. Another gift that can be ordered for your loved ones and family is a combo of orange carnations, bird of paradise flowers and a teddy Bear with a basket of mix dry fruits. This can be a perfect gift for your parents who are staying in Mumbai and if you are away from them.

combo of orange carnations, bird of paradise flowers and a teddy Bear with a basket

Long distance relationships are always difficult. If it is between you and your lover you need to remind her that you do love her. Sending a bunch of yellow roses with a strawberry cake can be one of the best options available. The same applies if you want to send flowers to Mumbai where your boyfriend is staying.

yellow roses with a strawberry cake

Send a combo of red roses, truffle cake, and a bottle of wine to let him know that you love him. Now, you need not feel sad because you were not able to send gifts to Mumbai.

gift flowers online

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Why do you gift flowers?

We all love flowers and it is a great feeling to receive flowers from your loved ones. You would have received a bouquet of flowers for many occasions. It can be on your birthday or on your wedding day. The tradition of gifting flowers had been there in the human history for hundreds of years. Ancient Romans and Greeks considered flowers “heavenly” because they related them to Gods.

gift flowers online

In our modern era, the most important flowers we use are roses, carnations, orchids, etc. I would prefer a bunch of red roses when I visit my family members since it will give them a vivid vision on how much I love and appreciate them.

bunch of red roses

Now, let us think about the question – Why do you gift flowers? Even with other gifts, we prefer to give a flower because flowers remind of the freshness and warmth of our love to our loved ones.

That is why lovers exchange flowers on Valentine’s Day. There are many online websites on which you can order combos of flowers, cakes, and even soft toys for your lover.

combos of flowers, cakes, and even soft toys

There is no other gift than a beautiful bouquet of flowers to express how you feel.

This tradition is not applicable for only Valentine’s day but also for occasions like friendship day, mother’s day, and father’s day. You can get a glass vase full of pink lilies to your loving mother on mother’s day.

glass vase full of pink lilies

The point here is that flowers are the easiest and most effective way to tell somebody about your emotions and feelings. Let me tell you that each flower has its own different meaning. For example, red roses represent pure love. We will talk about them later in our post. Next time when you are confused about how to express your feelings, select the suitable flower and gift it.

Labour Day gifts

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Did you forget to gift on May Day?

We all know that May 1st is celebrated as Labor’s day and it is a holiday in many countries. May Day was declared as International worker’s day after the Hay market affair. Before that May Day was celebrated for a different reason. We will talk about that later.

Labour Day gifts

But there are some countries where they celebrate the labor’s day on 4th September. So if you forgot to wish or gift your loved ones you can do that on September 4th. Let us look into some of the Labour Day gifts.

1. A symphony of lilies:

A symphony of lilies

Flowers represent warmth and freshness. Everyone who works will need freshness and warmth in their life because they may be struggling to meet the ends. Even if they are not struggling financially labor makes people tired. A bunch of six oriental lilies will be the perfect gift for him/her.

2. A precious gift for the special person:

A precious gift for the special person

Whoever works should be treated with love and we all try to keep our family members happy. Roses and carnations are the common choices when it comes to flowers. So why don’t you gift a bunch of crane flowers and Anthuriums as the gift? The crane flowers are also known as “Bird of Paradise”.

3. A bright mixture of flowers:

A bright mixture of flowers

We should always wish for the bright future of our loved ones. This labor’s day, let us wish it using a bunch of carnations. The bouquet here has different colors of flowers and is wrapped using mix color ribbon.

4. Wishing luck:

Wishing luck

The last gift on the list of Labour Day gifts is a beautiful bouquet of roses in different colors – red, yellow, and white. Your working friend will be very happy when you wish him or her all the luck on this Labour’s Day.

flowers for different occasions

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Different flowers for different occasions

You would be wondering whether it is true that different flowers are used for different occasions. It is true. Not only that each flower expresses a different feeling.

flowers for different occasions

We prefer to gift flowers in a bevy of festivals and occasions. So after you read this you will be clearer about the flowers you should select for each occasion. So let us see the flower types used on important occasions.



Well birthday flower should be selected according to the person. For example, if you are planning to gift a bouquet of flowers to your girlfriend the best choice will be roses (red, pink, or rose). An arrangement of red roses in the heart shape would be perfect for her.



Well, in this case, the flowers used should be seasonal flowers. If you ask me, use light colored flowers in spring and in the winter season try bright colored flowers. If the wedding date is fixed at the beginning of the summer season you can get a basket full of yellow, white, and pink roses  or carnations. In case if the marriage is after August you can get a bunch of red roses (or carnations) with a wine bottle as the gift.



Christmas season falls in December and the flowers representing Christmas are Poinsettia and Christmas cactus. But you may even gift a bunch of pink lilies or carnations for Christmas if you cannot get the traditional ones. Since red and green are the prominent colors in Christmas season you can even gift a small Christmas tree and a Santa toy along with the flowers and the cake.

The birthday gifts or Christmas gifts need not be limited to the flowers. You can get flowers and cakes from the e-commerce sites.

gifts for occasions

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List of gifts that is suitable for all occasions in Pune

We all love to receive and present gifts. We cannot calculate the value of the gift with its price. We only measure it by the feeling and care of the person who gifted it.

gifts for occasions

Be it a bunch of flowers or a pack of chocolate, we consider it precious. So, if you are confused about what to gift your loved ones the list below can help you. As it is mentioned in the headline this list is to send flowers to Pune along with other combo items.

1. A bunch of carnations and a basket of mixed dry fruits

A bunch of carnations and a basket of mixed dry fruits

can be gifted anytime when you are visiting your loved one. This is one of the best ways to send best wishes to your friend if you are not staying in Pune.

2. A simple bunch of red roses and a chocolate cake

A simple bunch of red roses and a chocolate cake

is considered as one of the best surprise gifts to your wife. You do not have to go outside on Valentine’s Day or on your wedding anniversary to get this delivered and she will be surprised for sure.

3. A bouquet of Orange Gerberas

A bouquet of Orange Gerberas is the simplest way to tell your loved ones that you are thinking about them always. You do not need any special occasion or festival to send flowers to Pune or to any city.

4. A combo gift of carnation flowers and fruits basket

A combo gift of carnation flowers and fruits basket

( is the best way to say that – no matter what is the occasion you care about their health. It can be your friend, wife, parents, or any other family member.

I am sure that the small list above would help you to decide on the gifts. You can search online for anything like this and get them delivered at your doorsteps from the website.

National Girl Child Day

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It’s a Girl!

I still remember seeing him pray to Goddess Durga.

I was still in the womb then,

But I still remember him praying;

“may he be born with intelligence and health” he prayed.

I could hear the laughter of Goddess Durga then, he couldn’t.

My mother was taken care of very well,

I felt happy and lucky.

The small village in a corner of India, seemed like heaven then.

The doctor who tried seeing me through machines,

even she was a Goddess I guess.

“Please see that he is born with health”

he prayed to her.

She laughed out and also cried within herself.

She was really kind, I want to be like her one day.

I will be good, kind and a caring child.

I am sure my dad will be proud of me.

I started growing, so did my dad’s prayers.

‘All for my health’ I thought.

Little did I know he was going to be sad

and that he was going to leave me here

after the doctor says

“It’s a girl!”

Millions of girls born every year don’t even reach the school. Many are married off at an early age and the high aspirations of the girls are even bothered about. It is time to realise that girls are as good as boys. Let’s teach not just ourselves, but also the people working under us and the uneducated. Let them realise that the family and the nation will develop only when we strictly believe in “Beti Bachoa, Beti padao

This article by Book A Flower is dedicated to all the flowers of the nation, the daugthers; Written on the occassionn of National Girl Child Day.