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Happy Valentines Day

A guide for last minute Valentine’s Day shopping

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We all live in a busy schedule. There is only one day left for Valentine’s Day and if you have not decided on the gift for your lover or life partner this post can help you.

Happy Valentines Day

Here I have listed some of the simple flower bouquets that can be gifted to the love of your life on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Heaven on earth:

flower bouquets

The first one is a combination of dry sticks and fresh flowers. In this basket arrangement there are 12 heart shaped dry sticks and 10 fresh red roses. All these are arranged in a cane basket and is decorated with golden ribbon. Be assured that your lover will love this gift and will be keeping the basket and the dry sticks for a long time.

Happy hearts:

red roses

Red roses are welcomed by all lovers because they are used to denote passionate love. So receiving a bunch of 75 red roses is the best gift your lover can get on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Tender regards:

yellow roses

Just like red roses, yellow roses are also used to denote cheerfulness and happiness. There are 25 yellow roses in this bouquet that is wrapped in a yellow paper. You will also get a greeting card with this gift combo.

Ravishing romance:


This gift is a luxurious gift for your lover. The gift is a combination of 2 heart-shaped arrangement of roses.One arrangement is made of 100 red roses and the second heart-shaped arrangement is made of 150 white roses.

Dreamy love:

pink oriental lilies

Lilies symbolize humility and devotion. These two virtues are essential for a relationship to stay forever. Hence I have added a vase arrangement of pink oriental lilies and a heart-shaped love cushion.The cushion is in red color.


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