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MahaSivaratri gifts

Send MahaSivaratri gifts to your loved ones in Hyderabad

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MahaSivaratri is the day dedicated for the honor of God Siva. This is celebrated on 13th February in Telangana, a southern state of India.

MahaSivaratri gifts

If you have your loved ones staying in Hyderabad you can send Sivaratri gifts from websites like Here are some of the gift combos you can consider while selecting the gift.

A pink magic:

roses and sweets

Since pink is considered as the color used for gentleness let us consider this as the first option while going for shopping on this MahaSivaratri. This is a gift combo of glass vase arrangement of pink roses and sweets.There will be 12 pink roses in the glass vase and as for sweets, your loved ones will receive Kaju Katli.

A special surprise:

flower bouquet

Next one is a combo of flowers and dry fruits. In this, the flower bouquet is made of 12 red roses and a basket of mixed dry fruits is included. Since this is the day of festival dry fruits are necessary to make sweets and dishes.

Sweet and Serene:

Blackforest cake and Kaju Katli

Sweets are inevitable for festivals. So send this combo of Blackforest cake and Kaju Katli to your loved ones so that they can celebrate the MahaSivaratri in a grand way.

Inner radiance for MahaSivaratri:

flower bouquet

Carnations and lilies are used to symbolize integrity and gentle care towards your loved ones. So I have added a gift combo of flower bouquet and a box of Soan Papdi. The flower bouquet has 10 yellow carnations and 2 orange lilies wrapped in white gift paper.

Sweet basket for the celebrations:

sweets and chocolates

The last gift on this list of MahaSivaratri gifts is a basket full of sweets and chocolates.The basket mainly consists of chocolates and candies that can be served in the family get together.



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