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Happy Valentines Day

How to decorate your dinner table on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers and on that day we love to enjoy candlelight dinner with the love of our life. Most of the restaurants will be full with reservations on February 14th.

Happy Valentines Day

So this year arrange the dinner at your home. Decoration cannot be avoided even for the simple dinner arranged in your house. Let us discuss the flower vase that should be kept at the center of the table.

Pretty passion:

pink roses

Pink is a color that symbolizes gentle care and love. A bunch of 12 pink roses arranged in a cylindrical glass vase can express this feeling. Keep this elegant flower vase and be assured that your lover will be delighted.

Bright fervor:

bright carnations

A round glass vase in the center of the dinner table gives a classy look to the table. Order for a bunch of bright carnations for the vase. The given link will take you to a product that has both round glass vase and mixed color carnations.

In love we trust:

red roses

Next flower arrangement is done in a rectangular glass vase that is covered with jute. You will get red roses and dry red fillers with this. Red roses are used to denote passionate and romantic love. This is the best flower vase you can order to decorate the candlelight dinner table.

Sweet feelings:

flower vase

In this flower vase the florist has used white Asiatic lilies and 24 red roses to bring out the romantic feeling of the evening. The glass vase is a cylindrical one and there are some seasonal fillers with the flowers.

Dual delight:

shade pink and red carnations

The last one is unique in the color of the flowers used. A tall cylindrical glass vase is used to arrange dual shade pink and red carnations.



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