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Happy Valentines Day

Colors of roses and their meaning on Valentine’s Day

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The florists make the highest profit on Valentine’s Day and this is mostly from the roses. Millions of roses are sold on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day

But not everyone is aware of the fact that the different colors of roses convey different messages.

Red roses:

bunch of red roses

For years we have been using a bunch of red roses to confess your love on Valentine’s Day. Red is the color of passionate and romantic love.

Pink roses:

light pink roses

There are two shades for pink color – pale and bright. Pale pink roses are used to say – “I appreciate you”. Take a bunch of light pink roses when you meet your lover on Valentine’s Day. The bright pink roses are used to convey “I am grateful you are in my life”.

Yellow roses:

yellow roses

For all of us our lover is our best friend. If you are dating for some years now you would understand that gifting a bunch of yellow roses is the best way to tell your lover that “you are a great friend”.

Orange roses:

orange roses

Valentine’s Day is the time of confessions and dates. If you have just proposed to your lover you can get a bunch of orange roses when you go to Valentine’s Day date. Orange roses are used to tell your crush “I am falling in love with you”.

Blue roses:

blue roses

This color is not easily available because it cannot be grown naturally. So a bunch of blue roses are used to tell your lover – “You are special and unique”.

White roses:

The last one on this list is the white rose. White roses are used to convey the message – “You are the one for me” – on Valentine’s Day. Since white is the color of purity this also denotes the pure and everlasting love.


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