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Birthday flowers and colors for the month of February

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Buying birthday gifts for our loved ones is a tradition we all follow. We always wish to give personalized gifts to our family members and friends. The birthday flowers for the month of February are primrose and violet. However, these flowers are not easy to get.

Birthday flowers

So we can get the flowers that come in February colors. Violet and purple are the colors used in the month of February.

Purple wings:

colored orchid plant

The first one on this list is a plant with flower. This is a purple colored orchid plant in a pot.Gifting plant is the best way to wish prosperity to your loved ones. You will get a plant with the flowers and this is the best birthday gift for the February born.

Purple passion:

purple flowers

Next one is a flower vase arrangement of purple flowers. The flowers used here are carnations, small daisies, oriental lilies, and green fillers. The two colors used here are purple and light violet. This is a gift that is suitable for both men and women.

Violet Hues gift:

bunch of 6 purple

Orchids are considered exotic and rare. Hence a bunch of 6 purple stems arranged using a white net cloth is something that can make the birthday boy’s or girl’s day.

Purple Hues:

purple in color

Above gift was in violet color and the next is purple in color. This is a clay pot arrangement of purple orchids with many other green fillers. Order for this bouquet and include a birthday greeting card with the gift when you meet the person on birthday.

Wild at heart:

violet irises

The last bouquet is a combination of violet and white. The bunch has white Asiatic lilies and violet irises in it. Irises are not always available so you may get a flower of the same color.


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