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Surprise your girlfriend at midnight on Valentine’s Day

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Women love surprises and they remember important days. So the best way to surprise your girlfriend is to make her think that you forgot about the Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

Then you can send a midnight gift to her for this year’s Valentine’s Day. She will be very happy with this. Here are some of the gifts you can send her.

Rose rustica gift:

red rose stems

Red roses are used by lovers to express their passionate love. So send her a glass vase arrangement of 15 red rose stems to your girlfriend’s doorstep at midnight. The stems are long so that she can keep it fresh for some days.

Fearless faith:

red gladioli

Gladioli are used to symbolize integrity, strength, honor, and infatuation. These flowers can be given to your girlfriend if you have just started to date. So, the next bouquet is a glass vase arrangement of 12 red gladioli tied using a pink ribbon.

Eternal passion gift:

pink roses

Just like red roses, pink roses are also favorites among lovers. Your girlfriend would love to receive a bunch of pink roses for this Valentine’s Day. Since this is a surprise gift do not let her know about you ordering the gift. She will also get a cylindrical glass vase to keep the flowers. There will be 15 pink roses in the arrangement.

Eternal embrace gift:


You have another option to surprise her. Get a basket arrangement of mix color roses.There are totally 50 roses – 10 each pink, red, yellow, peach, and white rose with dracaena leaves. If possible be with her when she receives this gift to see the expression on her face.

Heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift:

colored roses

The last flower arrangement is in the shape of the heart. There are 50 mix colored roses in this arrangement.


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