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Flowers that can be used for wedding decorations in February

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The wedding day is special for everyone and we wish that everything will be perfect on that day. From the dress to the decorations everything needs to be planned well for this. You will have to select the right flowers when it comes to the decoration of the wedding hall and podium.

wedding flowers

Here are some of the flowers that can be used for a February wedding. The bouquets or flower arrangements listed here are just for representation purpose.

Calla lilies:

red roses

Even though they are called lilies the shape is different from the typical lilies available in the market. Calla lilies look like a funnel and you can see the white calla lilies in the link.The vase arrangement has red roses and pine cones also with the calla lilies

Delphiniums or gladiolus:

stem flowers

These are two stem flowers that look similar. You can either use gladioli stems or delphinium stems to decorate the wedding podium. These are the flowers used in the month of February.

Water lilies or white Asiatic lilies:

basket arrangement

Lilies are commonly used for wedding decorations and they are available in all seasons. You can have a small basket arrangement of white lilies or buds like in the link – – decorating the table on the wedding podium.


bright flowers

These bright flowers are also known African daisies and they can be used for both boutonniere and bridal bouquets. The link – – will take you to a bunch of mix colored gerberas tied using a yellow ribbon. You can even use these as the centerpiece on the tables.


glass vase of peonies

The peonies are the most delicate flowers. These flowers are also used for the center table decorations like gerberas. A glass vase of peonies is always a treat to watch.



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