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The last day of Valentine week – Kiss Day

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The last day of the Valentine week is celebrated on 12th February and is known as Kiss day. From the name itself, we can understand the meaning of this day.

Celebrated kis day

It is the sweetest and special day of Valentine week. Couples all over the world share a loving kiss on this day to celebrate their relationship. Below are some of the gifts that can be given on Kiss day.

Orchid affection:

Ferrero Rocher chocolates

Orchids are exotic flowers and are difficult to get. So sending a bunch of 6 purple orchid stems and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates clearly conveys the message – “you are special for me”. The orchids are packed in cellophane and are tied using a light pink ribbon.

Sweet carnations:

Vase arrangement

Vase arrangement of the gentle carnations is always the best choice for the Kiss Day gift. Here the florist has arranged 24 carnations of mixed colors in a round glass vase.

Gesture of love:

bouquet of red roses

A passionate kiss is always considered as the gesture of romantic love. On this kiss day order a one-sided bouquet of red roses and a chocolate truffle cake for the love of your life. This is the best combo you can send to your lover if he/she is away from you.

Affectionate wish:

bouquet of pink roses

Chocolates and roses always go together as a gift. In this gift combo, you will get a bouquet of pink roses and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The 25 roses are wrapped in a cream colored gift paper to give it an elegant look.

Exotic pink:

glass vase arrangement

The last gift is a glass vase arrangement of oriental lilies. The arrangement of 12 pink lilies is kept in a round glass vase and is specially designed for the love of your life.



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