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hug day

Sixth day of Valentine week – Hug Day

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We are entering the month for lovers. February is known for Valentine’s Day and other romantic celebrations. Many youngsters prefer to propose on Valentine’s Day or Propose day. We are writing about the Valentine week to give some celebration ideas to the lovers who are not aware of these traditions.

hug day

We have already discussed the first five days of Valentine week. Here we will see the list of gifts and bouquets that can be given to your lover on Hug day.

Summer shine:

white gladioli

Gladioli are flowers that can be used to denote integrity and sincerity. These flowers are used to tell your crush that you fell in love with her or him at first sight itself. “Love at first sight” is something that is not welcomed by everyone. So get a bunch of 10 white gladioli to express your sincerity to the person.

Made for each other:

yellow roses

Hugging is an act affection that tells the other person that you are comfortable with him or her. There are no other flowers than yellow roses to indicate this feeling. Along with the bunch of 12 yellow roses, a Blackforest cake is also added for the celebration of love.

One in a million:

White orchid stems

From the name itself you can guess that this is a gift that is one in a million. 10 White orchid stems wrapped in a pink paper is really unique. With this gift, you are telling your lover that she or he is unique and you treasure your relationship.

Charming Beauty:

red carnations

The last one is a basket arrangement of carnations and orchids. The basket used here has a handle and this is the best choice for your girlfriend or wife. There are 20 red carnations and 5 white orchid stems in the basket.


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