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Fourth day of Valentine week – Teddy Day

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Soft toys always find a place in the list of Valentine’s Day gifts and the teddy bear is the most commonly sought after toy for this purpose. There are even teddy bear couples that are specially made for Valentine’s Day.

teddy bear

Everybody likes the soft and fluffy teddy bears. On the fourth day of Valentine week, you can gift your lover a teddy bear soft toy to express your gentle love and care. Here are some of the gift combos that can be ordered for teddy day.

Delicate affair:

bouquet of carnations

A stunning pink bouquet of carnations is the best choice as a gift on Teddy day. This is celebrated on 10th February. Since it is Teddy day along with the carnations there is a pink teddy bear and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate box. There will be 12 pink carnations in the bouquet.

Super enchantment:

flower bouquet

Next gift in the list of Teddy day gift is a combo of flower bouquet, cake, and teddy bear.The flower bouquet is made of carnation flowers of mixed colors. There will be 40 flowers in the bouquet. The cake is a pineapple flavored cake and the cute teddy with the combo has a red heart in its hands.

Radiant emotion:

Valentine’s Day gifts

Heart-shaped items are unavoidable when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. 25 red roses arranged into the shape of a heart is the best one. This arrangement also has a small and cute teddy bear in the center of the heart-shaped flower arrangement.

Teddy bear with heart:

tall teddy bear

Since this is called Teddy day you can order for a tall teddy bear with a heart-shaped box of chocolates. You can either add a box of cookies, candies, or chocolates. The teddy bear in the link is brown and the box is red in color.



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