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Fifth day of the Valentine week – Promise Day

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All relationships in this world need commitment, caring, and tendering. A romantic relationship is not different. The fifth day of the Valentine week is called Promise day. It is the day when you make the promise to your lover or life partner that you will be there to support her or him.

promise day

Promise day is celebrated on 11th February. On this day couples promise each other their loyalty and never-ending love. Below are some of the gifts that can be ordered for the love of your life on promise day.

Tender care:

pink carnations

As mentioned above tender care is needed to keep a romantic relationship growing and cherishing. So order a bunch of 20 pink carnations online to your lover’s house on this year’s Promise day. Do not forget to promise him/her your gentle and never-ending love.

Beautiful eternity:

red gerberas

Red is a color that denotes passionate and strong love between lovers. The next bouquet is of red gerberas packed in cellophane. The flowers are tied using a ribbon for ease of holding. When you meet your loved one on the promise day you can gift this and spend some quality time together.

Pure perfection:

yellow roses

A one-sided bouquet of yellow roses wrapped in a pink paper is a treat to watch. The flowers are tied using yellow ribbon made into a flower. You can take this when you go for your date on promise day. If you cannot meet your lover personally get this delivered through online flower shops.

An exotic bouquet for the precious love:

red bird of paradises

We all treat our lover precious and because of that we always try to get the best gift for that special person. A bouquet of 4 red bird of paradises and 4 Anthuriums wrapped in a jute packing is one of the best ways to express your love.


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