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Second day of Valentine week – Propose Day

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If you are planning to get a gift for your lover on this year’s Valentine’s Day you would have already started searching online for the gift options. All the online gift sites will have a plethora of gifts that can be given to the love of your life. This post is to help the lovers out there to celebrate their day differently.

Propose day

Following the Valentine week tradition let us celebrate it like a festival this year. Each day of this week is special. In the previous post, we saw about Rose day and this one is about propose day. This is the day for proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Season of Love:

Valentines Day flowers

Valentine week is the season of love and 8th February is the right time to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Get a bunch of red gerberas and confess your love to the person of your dreams. The bouquet is one-sided and has 15 gerberas in it. The flowers are wrapped in white gift paper and are tied using a red ribbon.

Always works:

Valentines Day flowers

Another bouquet that can be used to confess your love is a basket arrangement of Asiatic lilies and orchids.This flower basket comes with 2 white lilies and 6 purple orchids to declare your love strongly. This will give the best impression in your lover’s mind.

A beauty beyond:

valentines Day gifts

Propose to your lover in a grand way using a 4-feet tall arrangement of 50 red roses, red carnations and white carnations.There are green fillers to make this arrangement magnificent.

Purple spark:

Valentines Day gifts

Take a bunch of purple orchids,when you go to meet the love of your life on this year’s propose day. There are 10 stems of orchids and they are tied using purple ribbon.


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