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Durga Puja celebrations

Serenades for Durga Puja celebrations

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The musical performance for someone special is called Serenades. You can play a light music for the love of your life on her birthday or else you can send a serenade to your parents on their special day.

Durga Puja celebrations

In this modern world, you can get any products delivered at your doorsteps; thanks to the internet. As we all know that Durga Puja is a festival that is celebrated for nine days. So why don’t you send a serenade along with gifts for more than one day?

Tell them how much you miss them:

different colors of roses

The first one on the list of Durga Puja gifts is a 7-day serenade that will deliver different colors of roses at your loved one’s doorstep. They will send red, pink, yellow, and white roses with this serenade for 7 days from the date you select.

A complete gift:

A complete gift

This is a serenade that contains not only different flowers but also teddy bear, chocolates, and cakes. In this serenade, on day 1, 10 red roses will be delivered and on the 7th day your loved one will receive a teddy bear, chocolate cake, and 2 heart shaped balloons.

3. For the last three days of celebration:

For the last three days of celebration

Durga Puja gifts can be given on any day of the celebration. So giving a 3-day serenade can be one of the unique and simple ways to let someone know that you are thinking about them. This gift has a teddy bear, 5 assorted Cadbury chocolates, chocolate cake, and a bunch of 10 red roses.

4. A 7-day pampering with seasonal flowers:

arrangements of seasonal flowers

Nature always gives you the right flowers for every season. So why don’t you send your girlfriend 7 beautiful arrangements of seasonal flowers for this year’s Durga Puja? She will be very happy to receive these flowers every day.


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