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Navratri gifts

Navratri gifts for your family

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Navratri is a festival that is celebrated for nine days in the autumn season as the name indicates. In Sanskrit “Nav” means nine and “ratri” means nights. Even though there are changes in the way people celebrate this festival it is observed in honor of Devi Durga.

Navratri gifts

There are some differences in the way it is celebrated but the common theme here is the victory of good over evil. So here we will see some of the Navratri gifts found online.

Special Navratri delight:

Special Navratri delight

The first one on this list of Navratri gifts is a combo of flowers and a box of dry fruits. We all know that dry fruits are healthy for our body and on this Navratri let us wish good health to our friends and family. The bouquet is made of mix color carnations.

A gift for the fitness:


A gift for the fitness


This is an unusual gift that can be given on this year’s Navratri. This consists of assorted fruits and seasonal flowers in a bowl. The seasonal flowers represent the autumn and the fruits are for the health of the body.

An exotic combo:

An exotic combo

The next gift in this list of Navratri gifts is a combo of flowers and sweets. Sweets are very important in this nine-day festival. You can get any combo like the one in the link -. This link will take you to a gift combo that consists of Orchids and a Gulab Jamun box.

Floral surprise for Navratri:

Floral surprise for Navratri

Well, you can even send a simple gift on this Navratri in the form of a bouquet that has red roses, carnations, and white roses. Whoever receives this gift will be happy and will appreciate your gesture. Sending a gift to someone means you remember them on this auspicious occasion.


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