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history of cakes

A peek into the history of cakes

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We usually order cakes for special occasions like birthday, wedding anniversaries, and Christmas. The word cake has a long history dating back to Viking era. Even in ancient Greek and Roman period people used flour mixed with eggs, nuts, honey, and milk to bake cakes.

history of cakes

There was just one flavor in the beginning but now we have a plethora of flavors available in the cake shops worldwide. We can define cake as a dessert that is baked in different flavors. Even though we can order cakes by visiting bakeries, now you have the luxury of ordering them online through e-commerce gift websites.

birthday cake

You can order a birthday cake for your naughty baby boy on his birthday in shapes he likes. The cake can be ordered in shape of a car, Batman, or even mickey mouse.  The only thing you have to do is select the flavor, color, and shape of the cake. Designer cakes like this will usually weigh at least 2.5 kgs. If you are planning a birthday party for your baby doll, a cake in the shape of the Barbie doll can be the best choice.

Designer cakes

People started to experiment with decoration and hence frosting came into existence. Later the flavors like vanilla and chocolate became common.

vanilla cake

Now you have many flavors like black forest, fruit flavors, and even fresh fruit cakes. Ordering a vanilla cake is one of the simplest options available online. Another occasion on which you wish to order a cake is Valentine’s Day. For a variety, you can order a set of cupcakes in different flavors and textures.

set of cupcakes

The experiments on cakes are still going on and cupcakes were the result of such experiments. Now we can get flavors like chocolate, Oreo, red velvet, and coffee even for cupcakes.


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