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Bakr-Eid gifts

Some unusual gifts for Bakr-Eid

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Bakr-Eid is the festival celebrated by Muslims in memory of Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his only son to God. Pleased by his faith and loyalty God stopped him from sacrificing his son. His son was replaced by a sheep which was given to God as a sacrifice.

Bakr-Eid gifts

This year’s Bakr-Eid starts on September 1st and ends on September 2nd. Bakr-Eid is celebrated in this memory and people exchange gifts on this day.

A simple way to wish Eid:

A simple way to wish Eid

The first one on the list of Bakr-Eid gifts is a bunch of Gerberas of different colors. Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is the simplest gift you can give to your loved one. This is a way to wish blessings from Allah throughout their life.

Moon shaped arrangement:

Moon shaped arrangement

Yet another stunning gift is a tall arrangement of yellow roses in the shape of a moon. You will get 35 roses in this and you can select personalized messages while ordering this.

Love and Luck Eid gift:

Love and Luck Eid gift

The next one on the list of Bakr-Eid gifts is a combo of white lilies and Ferro Rocher chocolate box. This will be the perfect gift for the ladies of the house. You just have to order these sitting at home and the gift will be delivered to you according to your time preference.

Blessings said with cookies:

Blessings said with cookies

This festival is all about blessings and wishes. As mentioned earlier this day is to surrender you to God and his will. So a bunch of pink roses and a box of Danish butter cookies can be the best way to wish your loved ones all blessings. Flowers represent blessings and happiness when cookies represent prosperity.

You would have got an idea about the gifts you can order online. You just have to select the perfect one and inform about the personalization to the seller.


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