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For teachers – the “best minds” in your life

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Just like our parents, teachers play a crucial role in our upbringing. It is justifiable to have a special day dedicated to the “best minds” in our life. Each country has different dates for celebrating teacher’s day because each country honors their scholars who have contributed to the country.

gift for teacher's

However, the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5th. In India, the teacher’s day is celebrated on September 5 which is the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He requested to celebrate his birthday as teacher’s day and he was a great teacher to his students.

Teachers usually ask us to make promises to ourselves so that we can be better persons. They will definitely make us do it until we do. So this year you can gift a bunch of Asiatic Lilies to your teacher as a promise to him or her.

bunch of Asiatic Lilies

If you do not know let me tell you that lilies represent purity and promises. This can be one of the best teacher’s day gifts. If you are planning to celebrate the day with your teacher you can order a cake along with a tall arrangement of roses before visiting his/her house. Try to arrange a small cake cutting ceremony with your classmates if you can.

tall arrangement of roses

Even though we respect our teachers not all teachers get a special space in our heart. For that special friendly teacher, you can order a bunch of carnations.

bunch of carnations

Carnations are the flowers that are used to express devotion and friendship to someone. The last one on this list of teacher’s day gifts is a combo of pineapple cake and a bunch of red roses.

ineapple cake and a bunch of red roses

Red roses are for best wishes and the cake is for celebration. Let me remind you one last thing – do not forget to wish your teacher.


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