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Why do you gift flowers?

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We all love flowers and it is a great feeling to receive flowers from your loved ones. You would have received a bouquet of flowers for many occasions. It can be on your birthday or on your wedding day. The tradition of gifting flowers had been there in the human history for hundreds of years. Ancient Romans and Greeks considered flowers “heavenly” because they related them to Gods.

gift flowers online

In our modern era, the most important flowers we use are roses, carnations, orchids, etc. I would prefer a bunch of red roses when I visit my family members since it will give them a vivid vision on how much I love and appreciate them.

bunch of red roses

Now, let us think about the question – Why do you gift flowers? Even with other gifts, we prefer to give a flower because flowers remind of the freshness and warmth of our love to our loved ones.

That is why lovers exchange flowers on Valentine’s Day. There are many online websites on which you can order combos of flowers, cakes, and even soft toys for your lover.

combos of flowers, cakes, and even soft toys

There is no other gift than a beautiful bouquet of flowers to express how you feel.

This tradition is not applicable for only Valentine’s day but also for occasions like friendship day, mother’s day, and father’s day. You can get a glass vase full of pink lilies to your loving mother on mother’s day.

glass vase full of pink lilies

The point here is that flowers are the easiest and most effective way to tell somebody about your emotions and feelings. Let me tell you that each flower has its own different meaning. For example, red roses represent pure love. We will talk about them later in our post. Next time when you are confused about how to express your feelings, select the suitable flower and gift it.


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