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Labour Day gifts

Did you forget to gift on May Day?

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We all know that May 1st is celebrated as Labor’s day and it is a holiday in many countries. May Day was declared as International worker’s day after the Hay market affair. Before that May Day was celebrated for a different reason. We will talk about that later.

Labour Day gifts

But there are some countries where they celebrate the labor’s day on 4th September. So if you forgot to wish or gift your loved ones you can do that on September 4th. Let us look into some of the Labour Day gifts.

1. A symphony of lilies:

A symphony of lilies

Flowers represent warmth and freshness. Everyone who works will need freshness and warmth in their life because they may be struggling to meet the ends. Even if they are not struggling financially labor makes people tired. A bunch of six oriental lilies will be the perfect gift for him/her.

2. A precious gift for the special person:

A precious gift for the special person

Whoever works should be treated with love and we all try to keep our family members happy. Roses and carnations are the common choices when it comes to flowers. So why don’t you gift a bunch of crane flowers and Anthuriums as the gift? The crane flowers are also known as “Bird of Paradise”.

3. A bright mixture of flowers:

A bright mixture of flowers

We should always wish for the bright future of our loved ones. This labor’s day, let us wish it using a bunch of carnations. The bouquet here has different colors of flowers and is wrapped using mix color ribbon.

4. Wishing luck:

Wishing luck

The last gift on the list of Labour Day gifts is a beautiful bouquet of roses in different colors – red, yellow, and white. Your working friend will be very happy when you wish him or her all the luck on this Labour’s Day.


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