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How to keep your friends closer

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We know that friends are an inevitable part of our life. Whenever we are stressed we search for our friends and speak with them about our troubles. As we all know we can share everything with our friends and we need to keep our friends closer. Friendship day is around the corner and we need to send friendship day greetings to all our friends. There are some simple ways to keep our friends closer


Tricks to keep friends close

Do not find “I am too busy” as an excuse. We can make time for our friends at least once a week. Find time to spend with friends so that you can keep in touch with. Sending friendship day greetings on this friendship day is the easiest and appropriate way to keep your friends closer. Even though people like nice behavior it is not always a good thing to do. Be honest with your friends always and try to tell what you feel. You should not be that person who will let your friend go into trouble.

You should be an understanding friend who will appreciate your friend’s decisions. It may not be always possible for your friend to keep in touch due to the personal commitments. This means face to face contacts will be very less. This is applicable even when your friend enters a new phase in their life. Your friend may get married and move away from you. But this does not mean that you cannot keep in touch with your friend. So if you have any friends with whom you have not spoken for a long time, this is the right time to start all over again. You can send friendship day greetings to your friend on this friendship day and rekindle your friendship.


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