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friendship day

Gifts that can be given on friendship day

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Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August or on 30th July every year. This is the time we exchange gifts and cards with our friends. We will think about unique gifts on friendship day this year. Unique gifts are those gifts given to our friends that are personalized and our friends will feel that it is especially for them. But finding such a gift can be a tedious work and this article is to help you in that task.

friendship day

Some of the unique gifts on friendship day

A personalized coffee mug:

Everyone loves to sip coffee and coffee mug is a common gift that can be given to anyone. But this becomes a unique gift when you personalize the mug with your friend’s photo or name.

A calendar:

Gift next year’s calendar that is personalized with both your and your friend’s photo.

friendship day

A friendship band with your name:

This can be made at home if you know to make bracelets with beads. From the stationery shop buy the beads with your name’s letters and make the bracelet.

Let your friend select the gift:

The next one in the list of unique gifts on friendship day is to allow your friend to select the gift. You can take your friend with you to a shopping complex and get whatever he or she wants.

Above are some of the unique ways to gift your friends on this friendship day. There are other common gifts also that can be presented to your best friends on this year’s friendship day. Let me remind you that the cost and standard of the gift do not matter when it is exchanged between friends. The point is to make or buy a gift that will show your care and love towards your friend.


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