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Friendship day history and celebrations

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In this article, we will see what is friendship day and most importantly the history of friendship day celebrations. The ways people used to celebrate this day and the itineraries of their friendship day celebrations kept on changing. People made friends from the time the human race started to exist. There are many famous stories of friendships and sacrifices done by best friends. Friends celebrate this day by ordering Friendship day cakes online and having a cake cutting ceremony at home.

Friendship day

A peek into the history

Joyce Hall was the man who introduced the idea of friendship day celebration by declaring August 2 as a holiday. He wanted to promote his greeting cards and for that, he suggested this idea in 1919. But customers understood this and stopped to buy greeting cards. By 1940 this celebration died out and the business of greeting cards also diminished.

Later in Paraguay, this idea rekindled and the World Friendship Day was celebrated for the first time in 1958. After that,Asian countries started to revitalize this special day in the 1990s. To encourage this idea, Kofi Annan’s (UN secretary general) wife declared “Winnie the Pooh” as the international ambassador of friendship. From that time friendship day was official and people started to exchange gifts and cards on that day. Then the friendship bands became popular that started in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh.

Friendship day

As the years passed friends started to celebrate this friendship day more. Friends would gather at a place and will enjoy. The technology has developed to theextent that you can order Friendship day cakes online. Not only that you can order flowers, greeting cards, and food online. The seller will get it delivered to your doorstep or at the address you want it to be delivered.


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