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Famous quotes on friendship

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Whatever be the relationship there are many quotes available online and in books. Friendship is no different. In fact, I think that friendship will be having more number of quotes. The friendship day quotes are especially about the day that is dedicated to friends to celebrate their relationship. Even though the dates are different in each country the essence of the celebration is the same – rejoicing in friendship. Here we will see some of the lovely quotes by famous personalities.


What famous personalities say about friendship?

The friendship day quotes for this year are more powerful and inspirational at the same time. Hubert H Humphrey once said that the greatest gift of life he received was friendship. The famous writer Helen Keller said that – “walking with a friend in dark is better than walking alone in the light”. You should read this quote by remembering that she was blind and deaf. She valued friendship than her vision. The beautiful quote by the Chinese philosopher Mencius was that “Friends are the siblings God never gave us”. All these people understood the fact that the most valuable relationship was friendship.


There are many other friendship day quotes available and you can search for those online. All other relationships have a purpose or will be a blood relation. Friendship is the only relationship that is not of blood and does not have any purpose. We make friends because we think that person is of our kind and we can share everything with us. We can share all that matters with friends which we hesitate to share with our family. That is why Thomas Aquinas once said: “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”. We all know that this is true. We all have that friend with whom we can confide everything.


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