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friendship day

How to celebrate friendship day?

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Friendship day is around the corner and all friends around the world are planning to celebrate this day grandly. There are many ways to celebrate this special day. But whatever it is, people order cakes to celebrate friendship day to start the celebrations. The technology has advanced enough so that you can order designer cakes online and the baker will get it delivered to your doorstep. Now let us think about celebrating the friendship day this year.

friendship day

Celebrations on the friendship day

We know that you would have already planned for friendship day celebrations. But if you do not have any plans till now we can help you to make a decision. Below are some of the fun ideas for your friendship day celebrations.

A picnic:

If the group has 5 or 6 friends in it, plan for a picnic. You need not go for a long distance for this. You can get together in the beach and have fun. If there are resorts nearby you can arrange for a party with a song, dance, food, and other fun activities. Along with the food items, order cakes to celebrate friendship day in a special way.

Indoor fun activities:

Since friendship day falls in August you may not be able to go out. In that case, you can plan for indoor activities like bowling, card games, chess, and other indoor games. You may even conduct a tournament within the friends’ circle.

friendship day

A spontaneous party:

Even though this is great fun all your friends may not be available since you are planning a surprise party. In this party, you can call all your friends and inform them that you have arranged a party on friendship day. You will be calling them only on the previous day of Friendship day. Whoever is free can join your party. Do not have any particular activities planned; once all the friends reach plan for the activities for the day.


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