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friendship day

How do boys celebrate friendship day

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You would have already started to plan for the friendship day celebrations this year. So what have you planned -a party with your best friends or a trip with your close friends? Whatever the plan is there is a huge difference in the way girls and boys celebrate the friendship day. Here we will see the types of celebrations that will be accepted by boys. If you have a boyfriend you have to buy a friendship day gift for boyfriend while joining his party.

friendship day

Friendship day celebrations of boys

Most men would like to enjoy this year’s friendship day outside the house with their friends. They will arrange a party at any of their friend and enjoys there the whole day. If they are bored with this traditional method they may go on an adventure trip with the close friends. There is a possibility that your boyfriend will invite you for this trip or the party. So think about the friendship day gift for boyfriend beforehand and gift it to him while accompanying him in the celebrations.

Yet another celebration boys love it to have a BBQ party in someone’s backyard. One of the friends will be hosting the party and they will enjoy the time with drinks and food. If they do not have enough time for a long adventure trip they gather on the beach for a beach soccer game.  You can have a gathering with your friends even in the park in your locality. Some of the boys will go for a movie with their friends and girlfriend. Girlfriend even brings friendship day gift for boyfriend to surprise him on this friendship day. Even though there are many other ways for the friendship day celebrations men always choose to have a party at home or in a club.


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