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friendship day cakes

Flavors of friendship day cakes

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We all know that friends are the only people who will be standing with us when we are in trouble. They do not think whether we are right or wrong. They just understand our feelings and help us to face the situation. There should be a day special to this beautiful relationship and the international friendship day was declared in 1958 for this. This will be celebrated on 30th July or on the first Sunday of the month of August every year. It is common for friends to celebrate this day by planning a party with the friends. For any party, cake cutting is a must-have ceremony. While you order cakes for friendship day you should check for the flavors available.

friendship day cakes

Popular cake flavors

Cakes are always delicious and everyone love to have cakes. We are aware of the different flavors that are available in the market. When we order cakes for friendship day, the baker will give us options to select from what they bake. Some of the popular cake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, butterscotch, orange,mango, black forest, white forest, and fresh fruit. For each of these flavors, there are different versions. For example, you can get fresh fruits cakes as well as fruit-flavored cakes. While ordering pineapple cake you can get regular pineapple flavor as well as vanilla pineapple flavors. Even chocolate cakes have versions like dark chocolate cake, chocolate orange cake, and velvety chocolate.

friendship day cakes

You can go to a bakery to order cakes for friendship day this year and select the flavor you and your friends like. After that check for a beautiful design from the baker’s list. The most popular shapes are heart, round, oval, and cupcakes. You can even make the friendship cakes in custom made shapes. Happy friendship day!


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