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Friendship day

Who is important on Friendship day?

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Friendship day – as the name indicates is the day for friends to celebrate their friendship. Even though the dates are different in different countries the essence of this celebration is the same – the celebration of friendship. People exchange gifts on this day and there will be a special gift on the friendship day for best friend. This day was declared as international friendship day only in 1958. In fact, the first idea of friendship day was not based on friendship but for the promotion of greeting cards. So it was not that widely accepted even after the declaration. In 1998 Kofi Annan’s wife (UN secretary general) declared “Winnie the Pooh” as the ambassador of friendship.

Friendship day

Now, have you ever thought -who is the most important person on this friendship day for you and how you are planning to celebrate this day? Every day you meet new people and some people become your friends or even best friends. So the number of friends whom you want to wish on this friendship day would have increased. But you are sure that you do not want to wish everyone you met last year.

Your best friend and friendship day

But the friendship day for best friend should be a special one and you should make it memorable because he or she was there with you through your difficult times. Friends are those gems whom we can count on whenever we are in trouble. So the answer to the above question is – the person who was there with you through bad and good times. You can even throw a party for your best friend at your house or can have a sleepover at your best friend’s house. The point is the friendship day for best friend should be special on this year’s friendship day.


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