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Friendship day

What is Friendship day?

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A day which is celebrated to honor friendship is known as Friendship day. Many countries celebrate friendship day on different dates. Flowers are the best and the most popular friendship day gifts exchanged between people on friendship day. Everyone shares a lot of things with their friends and it is always good to have friends. If friends are not there in our life then we may feel very lonely, bored and very hard to survive. Life is filled with lots of troubles and one cannot face it alone.

Friendship day

Who is a friend?

A Friend in need is a friend indeed. A true friend is the one who helps when we are in trouble. There are many things in our life that we may not share with anyone else other than our friends. Friends are the ones who stay with us not only in our good times but also in our bad times too. A true friend will not be selfish and will think about our good too. A friend is the one who gives a helping hand and tries to save you when you are in trouble.

We always think of the best friendship day gifts to gift our friends. Money, color, gender, age or status will never be a bar between friends. The first international friendship day was proposed to be celebrated on July 30th of 1958 and it became official only in the year 2011. You can see children tying friendship bands as friendship day gifts in schools. There are many things in this world which you can gift to your friend on friendship day but it does not matter what you gift as long as the friendship continues forever. Most of the people gift flower, card, and friendship day armband. This makes people realize that they are not alone.


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