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friendship day gift ideas

The best DIY friendship day gift ideas

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Yet another friendship day is nearing and you will be thinking of the potential gifts you can buy. But let me ask you one question. Why can’t you just check for the friendship day gifts ideas handmade gifts online? These types of gifts have some benefits. The first and most important benefit is that this gives a personal touch to the gift. Your friend can feel the effort you have put in to make this gift.

friendship day gift ideas

This also indicates the care and love you have towards your friend. Your friend will obviously feel important and special on this friendship day if you can make some of the friendship day gifts ideas handmade at home.

Examples of handmade friendship day gifts

Well, there are many gifts that can be made at home with the unused stuff in your room. Here,I will give some ideas so that you can make some good gifts for your friend. The first idea is to make a necklace or bracelet with some beads and thread. You can buy these from the stationery stores or even from online stores. Instead of a bracelet, you can even make a friendship band for your friend that has his or her name on it.

handmade friendship day gifts

If you are good at drawing, gifting a painting is one of the best friendship day gifts ideas handmade at home. Next one is to make a photo frame with thick paper and some beads to make borders. Get a photo of you and your friend inserted in this frame so that your friend can keep it on the table. Other gifts are personalized pillow covers, a coffee mug with your friend’s name, pendants, t-shirts with your friend’s name, pen with your friend’s name engraved on it, and even a hand knit woolen scarf. Happy friendship day!


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