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Friendship Day 2017

What to plan on Friendship Day 2017

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The friendship day is the day that is dedicated to the friends all over the world. The friendship day was first proposed in 1958 and the date suggested was July 30th. But there are mentions of friendship day celebrations dating back to 1919. Even though the international friendship day is on 30th July some of the Asian countries celebrate this on the first Sunday of August.

Friendship Day 2017

Enough with the history!Are you done with the planning for friendship day 2017 or are you still confused about the celebration? I can help you in this regard. One of the simplest yet beautiful gestures is to make a card for your best friend with a beautiful quote about your friendship.

Friendship Day 2017

Do not forget to wish your friends on this friendship day and make a plan with your best friend. Another idea is to arrange a small party at your house for your close friends. This will give you an opportunity to meet your old friends and enjoy like old times.

If all your friends are free on the friendship day 2017 you can even plan for a vacation trip. A picnic is always a great way to celebrate this special day with your friends. There is another idea that I used to plan with my friends – sleepover. I am sure that nobody will forget about the sleepover nights we have spent with our friends when we were students. Why don’t you arrange for the same on this year’s friendship day? Invite all your friends and arrange for dinner at your house.

Friendship Day 2017

Buy some movie CDs and enjoy the night watching movies with your friends like you used to do before. The friendship day celebrations give you the opportunity to live the good old movements that you spent with your friends.

We all know that this day is to remind your friend that you do care even though there is a distance between you two. Tell your best friend that “the responsibilities of life may take us apart but you are always in my heart”. This is the best way to celebrate friendship day 2017.


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