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Friendship Day 2017

How to celebrate Friendship Day 2017 to the fullest

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Are you already excited about the friendship day 2017 celebrations? If not, after reading this you will start planning for the best celebration this year.

Friendship Day 2017

Before proceeding further, let me tell you that celebrations with your friends are always going to be great be it for some time or for an entire day. So to celebrate it to the fullest you have to plan from now itself. For girls, this may be hanging out in the shopping malls and eating out. For boys, this may be partying and enjoying a ride to the club. Whatever it may be friendship day 2017 is only days (In each country this is celebrated on different dates) away and get ready for it in style. Here are some ideas:

Heading out for a picnic

If you have the whole day to spare, you can plan for a picnic with close friends to destinations that are near to the city. This can be an adventurous journey or destination visit.

Heading out for a picnic

Whatever it is, enjoy the long drive with your close friends. This will be one of the best ideas to celebrate friendship day 2017 to the fullest.

Meeting up with the old friends

Since it is the day to celebrate your “friendship” meeting up with your friends is another way to celebrate this special day to the fullest. Arrange for a gathering at the college or at someone’s house. If it is reunion there will be more people so, you cannot arrange this in a house. Meeting up with the college or school mates is going to be the way my friends will celebrate the friendship day- I am sure about that.

Eating out for the dinner

Well,this is an option if the number of persons is less than five.

Eating out for the dinner

Book a table at the best restaurant in your locality and enjoy the food with your friends. But this may not give you the feeling of celebrating to the fullest. So the best idea is to go for a movie after the dinner party. Have a blast on this year’s friendship day.


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