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Why should you celebrate mothers day?

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Being grateful is a must have quality in our life. When you turn back in time you will see that without the help from many people you will not be in the current position. In that list, first, comes your mother’s name and father’s name. But when it comes to celebrations mother’s day steals the show. Than any other festivals in the year you should plan for her special day. You can celebrate it in different ways but why should you celebrate mothers day in the first place?Let me list out some of the reasons for celebrating mother’s day.

Preparing the meals

You would not see anyone in this world who is so caring and loving. Whatever she does is for her children and family. One of the basic needs of a human being is food and doctors say that we should have food on time. If you do not have your mom at home you will understand that you are not going to get the food on time. For working moms, this is more difficult. You may not be getting a tasty food but whatever you get is mixed with mom’s love and is going to nourish your body. Just imagine that she is doing this three times a day for 365 days.

bookaflower Mothers day

She exactly knows where your belongings are

From childhood, I ask my mom if something is missing. We all have the habit of misplacing or leaving our things here and there. But our mother takes it and keeps it safely. Even if she could not keep it safely, she will know where to look. This comes from her understanding of her children and family members.

Alarm for everything

In good old days, we never had the luxury of keeping appointments saved in our smartphones. You just tell your mom to remind you about your meetings and be rest assured that you are not going to miss any of your meetings.

She was a doctor who had remedy for all your ailments

If you have got the opportunity to check the shelves of your mother’s room you can see different tablets, ointments, first aid box, and other home remedies. She had treatment for all your pains and no doctor could give the comfort of her medicines.

No one could understand you better than your mom

Only a mother can understand that something is bothering her child. Even when you are not speaking anything she will understand and will be always with you. When you were a child she could understand the meaning of your cries (Whether it is because you are hungry or in pain).

bookaflower Mothers day - 1

Was always there to lead your way

Even when we thought that she is not right and is old fashioned, we always ended up realizing that she was right. She always knew what is right for you and how it will affect your future.

Above given are only some of the reasons for celebrating mothers day. Surprising your mother with mothers day wishes and a gift will be the easiest way to make her feel special.


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