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National Girl Child Day

It’s a Girl!

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I still remember seeing him pray to Goddess Durga.

I was still in the womb then,

But I still remember him praying;

“may he be born with intelligence and health” he prayed.

I could hear the laughter of Goddess Durga then, he couldn’t.

My mother was taken care of very well,

I felt happy and lucky.

The small village in a corner of India, seemed like heaven then.

The doctor who tried seeing me through machines,

even she was a Goddess I guess.

“Please see that he is born with health”

he prayed to her.

She laughed out and also cried within herself.

She was really kind, I want to be like her one day.

I will be good, kind and a caring child.

I am sure my dad will be proud of me.

I started growing, so did my dad’s prayers.

‘All for my health’ I thought.

Little did I know he was going to be sad

and that he was going to leave me here

after the doctor says

“It’s a girl!”

Millions of girls born every year don’t even reach the school. Many are married off at an early age and the high aspirations of the girls are even bothered about. It is time to realise that girls are as good as boys. Let’s teach not just ourselves, but also the people working under us and the uneducated. Let them realise that the family and the nation will develop only when we strictly believe in “Beti Bachoa, Beti padao

This article by Book A Flower is dedicated to all the flowers of the nation, the daugthers; Written on the occassionn of National Girl Child Day.


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