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20th January 2017. Well, this day will be well-remembered in the history, for 2 reasons. The massive and first of its kind movement that the Tamizhans have led against the Govt.’s ban on Jallikatta was almost victorious. Although the complete clearance ordinance is yet to be issued, the Tamil brave hearts have already set an example for perfect public rule in Democracy. Their movement is going to inspire millions of other state youth to protest against even the highest authorities in the country, when the right is on their side!

On the other hand, the day will be remembered as the first day of Donald Trump, the man who has been terrorising the world with his oratory.  3 months after winning the historic elections against Hillary Clinton, Mr.Trump has entered the White House yesterday and has taken the oath as the 45th President of the USA, the supreme power the world! Clearly by the promises he made on the very first day, his rule is going to be quite different from Obama’s ways! While quite Bane during his first speech is a scary coincidence, he does promise a few good things for the world, like complete elimination of terrorism ( although the route does sound fearful!). Making America great again is his major aim, as per all his speeches. But scaring the entire immigrant crowd wouldn’t really be a good idea, in the world of globalisation! Only time will decide if he is the rose or the thorn!

Anyways, let’s welcome Mr.Trump to the White house and hope for the best!


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