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Though she has left this world but she stays with us till eternity. The Honorable C.M. of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha is no more with us. But she has left behind a legacy for us to follow. If you turn on the television or read the newspapers you will see people praying for her, people mourning for her because it was their Amma who left them.  There is no denying the fact that she was an eminent leader with a marvelous personality and a beautiful actress.  She did a lot for the people of Tamil Nadu, developed the state and always worked for the welfare of the people.  Definitely, we all know that people love her. There’s no way anyone or anything can replace her presence, but as her followers, there’s one thing that can be done- You can pray for her to rest in peace, you can send flowers to express your sorrow. In these times, when everyone is weeping for her, we pray that wherever she goes, her soul is happy.

It is true that she has left beautiful memories for us; because she was and will always be a source of inspiration for us, her memories will always be our guide. No matter what, she will always stay at our side. There is no way we can repay her for what she has done for the people. People respect her, love her and so it is only right if you pay homage to her. People not only in Tamil Nadu but in the entire country were taken aback when the midnight news said about the Iron lady’s demise. If we go through the things that she did for Tamil Nadu, words will fall short, words will not be enough. In these bad times, we pay condolences to all her followers for the sad demise of a lady, who is the true example of women empowerment. Not only are the feelings circumscribed to people of South or TN, but the whole nation. She was the only flower that scented her surroundings by her deeds and remarkable works.

 We pay a tribute to such a powerful lady, who on herself became whatever big she achieved.  A simple garland or a wreath of flower can wish her all the peace.  Everyone, from her supporters to the top party leaders knows what this nation has lost. pays tribute to the lady who worked for the poor and needy, who worked for all the good and growth of the commoners.  Every day, people prayed for Amma’s health, for her well-being.  Just some news about her would comfort people’s heart. And, we all know that she was truly blessed, an excellent artist, a wonderful leader and most importantly a principled person. She was and will always be the heart and soul of Tamil Nadu. May her soul rest in peace!


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