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Demonetization: Flowers or thorns?

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Days come and go. When the world awaited the results of the U.S.A’s presidential elections, speculating about who is going to win, Indians too were doing the same. But around 8 p.m. the talking point changed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise address to the nation. That day registered itself in the history with a dynamic attack on fake currency, frauds and corruption making it very important and a remarkable date.

This step left the people stunned. Some called it a marvelous and revolutionary move, while so agitated. Till date, this topic remains a hotcake. This move is “DEMONETISATION”. The currency notes of ₹  500 and ₹   1000 ceased to be the legal tender money. The ban’s impact was so colossal that demonetization in India became a trending topic internationally.

We are badly hit by corruption and other problems. So we definitely needed some measures and so the demonetization drive is one such. People who hoarded money, people who funded terrorism, and people who faked the currency are now not even getting a peaceful sleep. This first-rate initiative by the Indian Government has planned not so back but only 6 months ago. The unscheduled address of the Prime minister is a great answer to those who kept on questioning Government’s front on Black money. Every year crores of counterfeit currency was injected into the market but now those faking currencies are helpless and their illegal work has now seized!

With banks deposit base increasing and rise in consumption in cash-based sectors we are likely to see a boost in the GDP and the long-term advantages will outweigh the transient increase in economic growth. Demonetization was a successful maneuver by the Modi Government because one slap has hit fake currency, terrorist funding, and corruption so hard. It will encourage people to pay outstanding taxes and inculcate saving habits but this time in banks!

Yet, the reforms made for the well being of the people, are still like a pain in the back for the commoners. Waiting for hours in the queue outside the banks,refusal by private hospitals to provide treatment. These are some of the problems faced by people living in urban and semi-urban areas but what about those in villages. They don’t understand the technical terms, they don’t have bank accounts, and so what will they do?

Some politicians and businessmen look most stressed after demonetization drive. You can guess, why? Every good change needs support; even the most beautiful flower has thorns in it. If we need this change, we want our country free from these evils; we have to support the good cause and so despite all the difficulties being faced people are ready for this massive change just for their motherland, just for INDIA.

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