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As a wise man once said, “quitting tobacco is very easy. I have done it 250 times in the last 3 year”. Unfortunate but true, tobacco is a habit that rarely leaves a person. Call it habit or emotional attachment, the desperation that tobacco creates is quite dangerous. Owing to the story of Mukesh we watch before every (yes, every!) movie these days we all know well the after effects of tobacco addiction. Not that we weren’t aware of it earlier. But giving up on cigarettes isn’t still easy. Here we have a simple idea for it. Hello, tobacco kings and queens, this idea is for you especially.

Next time when the urge to smoke comes near you, but a flower and give it to a random old person or a kid on the street, with a smile! Don’t forget to say, ‘have a nice day’. The smile that comes back can easily surpass the satisfaction that a complete puff of cigarette gives! Gifting smiles and flowers is an age old idea of expressing emotions, now let it help you release your cigar-bond emotions. Works like magic! In case you feel this sounds cheesy, try doing something you love and distracting yourself from the idea of smoking. Another well tried idea is to mediate. No? There are a thousand more ways! Infact, as we all know, where there is will, there is a way!!

Human body is as tender as a flower. Some flowers fall off immediately when exposed to smoke and some take time. The fact that smoke makes them wither is undebatable. So a happy long life or a short and diseased life? It’s all upto you to decide!

This article is dedicated to all the tobacco-victims on the occasion of Nation Tobacco day on November 4th.



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