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Diwali is just about the corner and you must be all busy with the preparation, the cleaning and the decorations. The happy faces around of the children with their firecrackers and the guns, or the ladies rushing to the last hour deals in the malls and girls choosing their outfit for the puja and whatnot. The enchanting light on the night of “Amavasya, you agree to it or not, it is the most beautiful sight of the year. You must be all caught up with making that home of yours a humble abode and that’s why on this occasion of happiness and excitement, thrill and enjoyment, we bring to you the DIY Flower Gifting Range for Diwali. Here is the list!

  • You can choose the flowers for your vase, roses or lilies, your choice. And if you are a lousy picker, let us allow to make you a perfect combination of bouquet which shall not only match with the lightings of your house but also with your happy heart.
  • You can choose the flowery diya or the candles, or plates which has already designed flowers that you can totally decorate or keep it in your drawing rooms.
  • Also, there are rows of flowers that you can use to decorate your home walls either stitched up in row or just used plainly against the wall.
  • A recent technique of decoration, where one uses the flowers, shells and all these kind of decorative things along with fairy lights has splendid effect on the room.

We just don’t want to bring you flowers, but more than that we want you to cherish this Diwali by enjoying utmost with your family. Also, if your parents or partner or any loved one is not with you, you can send flowers online and spread a smiley across their face. You are thinking about distance that it shall cost you a fortune sending flowers this far? Don’t worry we can send flowers to Delhi or Mumbai or Hyderabad at the same reasonable price all along.

Have a happy and memorable Diwali with us!!


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