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DIY Flower Decorations for Karwa Chauth

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The season of festivities and the air of light hearted nature, the blooming gardens and the colorful florist shops, the reality that conforms to the imagination which reveals that the India’s festivities couldn’t be better. Amidst all the widely celebrated festivals, KarwaChauth is one of those rituals or festival, as you might put it that brings two people together or better, it is the festival for the romance after marriage. And romance and flowers are kind of substitute for one another, so why not make this KarwaChauth more special with the DIY Flower decorations for KarwaChauth.

  • You can use floral candles for the puja thali. For this you can make online flower delivery to your place and do the decorations or you can also purchase the floral Thali in which you don’t need to put any extra effort.
  • On your terrace or balcony, wherever you are going to perform the ceremonies you can decorate the place with the flowers or the bouquets. Don’t worry if you are afraid of digging a big hole in your pocket, you can send flowers to Delhi or Hyderabador Bangalore or Mumbai or any place at the same reasonable cost.
  • You can use flowers for the decoration of the thali, diya, channi and so much more. You can also use the flowers on your head as the oldschoolstyle gajra or just a rose behind your ear to get back to the days when they were ornaments.

There are so many ways in which you can induce the fragrances at your place using aroma and candle sticks or incense sticks. But the magic that flowers are at a different level. They give the beauty to the place in the most simple way. You can also send flowers online to any city or state, to your home or at friends, because this season, let’s make it even more special, more flowery.

Happy KarwaChauth!


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